How can CONCAT() function be used with MySQL WHERE clause?

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Suppose from the table ‘Student’ we want to concatenate the values of columns, ‘Name’, ‘Address’ and ‘Columns’, based on the condition that is also a concatenation of values from columns, ’Name’, ‘Subject’, provided in WHERE clause with the help of CONCAT() function. We can use the following query to give the output −

mysql> Select CONCAT(Name, ' ', 'Resident of', ' ', Address,' ','is',' ', 'Studying',' ', Subject)AS 'Detail of Student' from Student WHERE CONCAT(Name, Subject) = "AaravHistory";
| Detail of Student                            |
| Aarav Resident of Mumbai is Studying History |
1 row in set (0.00 sec)
Updated on 30-Jan-2020 07:18:40