Determining values of parameters of given type on a given selection screen in SAP

The function module RS_SELSCREEN_INFO will provide you with the list of parameters and selection options once the report name is input. You can see full details about this FM by entering the name RS_SELSCREEN_INFO into the relevant SAP T-code like SE37 or SE80

You can call this FM RS_SELSCREEN_INFO as below −

      report =                    " rsvar-report Report Name
      field_info =                " scr_info     Information about type, reference field, etc.
      NO_SELECTIONS = 1           "              Report has no selections
      REPORT_NOT_EXISTENT = 2     "              Report does not exist
      SUBROUTINE_POOL = 3         "

Alternatively, you can try using the function module GET_DICTIONARY_FIELDS- to provide all Dictionary fields used in an ABAP program. You can get complete details by entering the name GET_DICTIONARY_FIELDS into the relevant SAP transaction such as SE37 or SE80.

CALL FUNCTION 'GET_DICTIONARY_FIELDS' "Provides all Dictionary fields used in a program
      progname =                  " sy-repid
      field_tab =                 "