De-normalization and Analytic views in SAP HANA

Note that HANA is not for de-normalization however it stores data in columnar format so all aggregations are performed on the fly.

You can create multiple views but this will add duplicate data and an extra effort to maintain them. Number of views normally depends on business needs, because views contain data in many aspects so they can be reused. In case you have multiple measures to handle in views, you can create calculation views to get data in your reports.

Calculation Views are used to consume other Analytic, Attribute and other Calculation views and base column tables. These are used to perform complex calculations, which are not possible with other type of Views.

To know more about SAP HANA Modeling, you can refer our SAP HANA tutorial.

SAP HANA Calculation View

Updated on: 12-Jun-2020


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