Creating a linked list using Javascript

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Let's start by defining a simple class with a constructor that initializes the head to null. We'll also define another structure on the prototype of the LinkedList class that'll represent each node in the linked list.


class LinkedList {
   constructor() {
      this.head = null;
      this.length = 0;
LinkedList.prototype.Node = class {
   constructor(data) { = data; = null;

Let's also create a display function that'll help us see how our list looks like. This function works as follows.

  • It starts from the head.
  • It iterates over the list using currElem = till currElem doesn't become null, ie, we've not reached the end.
  • It prints data for each of the iterations.

Here is an illustration for the same −

Now let's have a look at how we'll implement this −


display() {
   let currNode = this.head;
   while (currNode != null) {
      console.log( + " -> ");
      currNode =;
Published on 27-Jun-2018 09:24:50