Counting number of paragraphs in text file using java

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We can read paragraphs in a file by reading it in a string and then spilting based on "\r
" pattern. See the example below −


Consider the following text file in the classpath.


This is Line 1

This is Line 2
This is Line 3

This is Line 4
This is Line 5

This is Line 6
This is Line 7

This is Line 8
This is Line 9
This is Line 10


public class Tester {
   public static void main(String args[]) throws IOException {
      FileUtil fileUtil = new FileUtil();
      System.out.println("No. of paragraphs in file: " + fileUtil.getParaCount());

class FileUtil {
   private static final String FILE_PATH = "data.txt";
   public static int getParaCount() throws IOException {
      File file = new File(FILE_PATH);
      FileInputStream fileStream = new FileInputStream(file);
      byte[] byteArray = new byte[(int)file.length()];;
      String data = new String(byteArray);

      String[] paragraphs = data.toString().split("\r
");       return paragraphs.length;    } }

This will produce the following result −


No. of paragraphs in file: 5
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