Converting date type SYDATUM in a format like MM/DD/YY in SAP ABAP


It depends if you want to write it to a list screen or you want to convert it to a text variable. To write it to a list screen, you can use below code −


To convert it to a text variable, you can use below command −

WRITE l_my_dateTO l_my_text MM/DD/YYYY

If you want to set the date in SAPscript form, you can use SET DATE MASK command. You can specify date fields to be printed in specified format −

/: SET DATE MASK= 'date_mask'

In the date mask, you can use the following codes −

DD: day (two digits)
DDD: day name - abbreviated
DDDD: day name - written out in full
MM: month (two digits)
MMM: month name - abbreviated
MMMM: month name - written out in full
YY: year (two digits)
YYYY: year (four digits)

You can also reset date mask to default setting by using an “empty string” as below −


Also note that the full forms of days and months are stored in table - “TTDTG”  which is language dependent and with the below keys-

%%SAPSCRIPT_DDD_dd:abbreviated day name
%%SAPSCRIPT_DDDD_dd:full form of day name
%%SAPSCRIPT_MMM_mm:abbreviated month name
%%SAPSCRIPT_MMMM_mm:full form of month name
dd: day number 01= Monday,..., 07 = Sunday
mm: month number 01 = January,..., 12 = December

To see table fields, navigate to T-code SE11 → Enter Table name TTDTG → Display

To see table fields, navigate to Utilities → Table Content → Display

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