Checking all tables and schema in SAP HANA

When you add a HANA system in HANA Studio, you can see different tabs under system pane. Each pane has different object types of HANA system.

To see the list of all schema and tables, you need to navigate to Catalog tab.

Other available tabs in HANA Studio includes:

  • Backup
  • Catalog
  • Provisioning
  • Content
  • Security

You can check under table type- if a table is row store or column store. On right top corner, it is mentioned.
New tables can be created using the two methods given below −

  • Using SQL editor
  • Using GUI option

The new table can be created using SQL Create Table statement −

Create column Table Test1 (

To know more about schema and tables in SAP HANA, you can refer our link below: