Checking SAP configuration for Plant Maintenance

Plant maintenance (PM) status can be categorized into two status:

System status and User status. System status is used by the system for recognizing business transactions for a certain object type. Ideally System status cannot be changed by Users. They are defined by SAP and hence are immutable.

Whereas User status relies on how it is set in the configuration. User Status is defined as per the business requirements.

To modify the User status follow the below steps

  • Go to SPRO → Plan Maintenance and Customer Service → Maintenance and Service Processing → Maintenance and Service Orders → General Data → User status for Orders → Define Status profiles. Select Assign User Status to Order types

  • User can view the mapped status profile to target order type
  • The user can select for any of the status profiles and use Define to change the status.

Updated on: 18-Feb-2020


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