7 Best JavaScript IDE or Code Editors

In this tutorial, we can discover the best software for Java Scripting.

JavaScript makes your websites interactive and dynamic. You must pick a good JavaScript editor to write your code with ease. This article will give you a short introduction to the available JavaScript software with its pros and cons.

There are JavaScript editors and IDEs. Editors are just text tools that allow you to write anything.

You can choose the right JavaScript software after checking the reviews and descriptions.

JavaScript Code Editors

A code editor is not a coding tool. Code editors are lighter text editors and work well on smartphones. Code editors come with and without IDE.

JavaScript IDE

IDE means Integrated Development Environment is an editor. IDE offers many features for developers. IDE can be specific to a particular programming language, but an editor is for all programming languages. Free IDEs and paid IDEs are available.

An IDE contains a code analyzer, compiler, debugger, syntax highlighter, build software, auto-complete feature, unit testing tools, and many more. IDE simplifies developer work. Multiple programmers can use one IDE simultaneously when working on large projects. Time makes income.

Finding the Right Software

Because of Javascript popularity and increased requirements, developers also need to select software for coding. There is no answer to the best software question. It depends on the preferences of the developer.

Before choosing software, analyze the context. Do you need the software for personal coding use? Is it for official or freelance coding work? What is the project volume? Consolidate the answers and decide a software for you. Let us look into the software list.

7 Best JavaScript IDE or Code Editors

Visual Studio Code

VS code editors are one of the best IDEs for JavaScript. VS code is available for Windows, Linux, and macOS. The autocompletion feature is available in VS code. Code refactoring is another feature that VS Code offers. Both native code and managed code are available in this IDE. JavaScript has built-in support in this IDE.

In VS Code, developers can view function definitions inline without moving to the actual function definition. Task runner in VS Code facilitates using Gulp, Grunt, and MsBuild for setup tasks. Built-in Git support in VS Code permits to pull, push, commit, publish, and rebase activities. It's even possible to customize the IDE by adding plugins and more features.

VS Code takes less memory, the development console is available, and functionality is extendable.

VS code has a slowness sometimes, no support for some popular programming languages, and source control is worse. A right but a large built-in package is available in VS Code.

Sublime Text

Sublime Text is an open-source code editor. So many customization options are available in this editor. Sublime is user-friendly. It works fast. ‘Go to Definition' is one of its features that takes the user to the function definition. Packages are available for rename, move, copy, and paste activities.

Initialization takes a bit of time. But the software provides a smooth experience. It is advisable to use the JsFormat plugin if you are using Sublime Text. Sublime provides a trial version. You can pay $80 for three years to get advanced features.

There are no distractions in the editor. You can work on multiple projects, and automation is available.

Libraries are of poor quality. Debugging feature is not up to the mark, and default printing is unavailable.


Notepad++ is an open-source code editor for Windows users. The workspace looks like a tree. Good performance and fast loading are the positive aspects of Notepad++.

A multiple document editing window, a document mapping tab, and a function listing tab are available in Notepad++.

Syntax coloring, code folding, column level editing, search and replace with regular expression, function auto-completion, and parameter suggestion are other features of Notepad++.

The vital part is that you can navigate through a large project in Notepad++ effortlessly.


Atom is an IDE from GitHub and Facebook supports this IDE. It is a free and open-source IDE. Single window project browsing and editing is the primary feature of Atom. To avoid slowness, you need to remove unnecessary components from Atom. Atom is capable of running large complex projects.

Atom permits to download of templates and packages. The IDE is difficult for the beginner and may go slow even on featured computers.

Once you get into it, it gives the best code UI. Because Microsoft's GitHub acquisition is over, the future of this software is a question. There is a competition going on between the VS Code and Atom. There is no help section in Atom.


Even though Eclipse is a Java IDE, JavaScript developers also use Eclipse. A programmer has to install the necessary plugins in Eclipse to work with Javascript. Eclipse is robust and stable. Automatic error reporting is a remarkable feature of Eclipse. Good auto-completion, advanced debugging, and effective project management are the positive aspects of Eclipse.

A reboot to make the changes reflect, inflexibility for beginners, and low-grade customer service are some of the drawbacks of Eclipse.


JetBrains is the developer of Webstorm. Webstorm has GitHub integration.

Webstorm supports React js, Angular js, vue.js, Node.js, and more. Webstorm offers code refactoring, easy navigation, auto debugging, testing, code change history, and code completion.


Brackets is an open-source code editor developed by Adobe. It is designed for web development and has support for JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.


Considering the factors discussed in this article, we recommend 'Sublime Text' or Visual Studio Code for JavaScript coding. Experienced programming professionals will know the flexibility of using Sublime Text' for JavaScript coding.

The main thing that a developer expects during coding is syntax and word suggestions. Next is the code alignment. The feasibility of searching in one file and multiple files is another expectation.

If you are familiar with Eclipse, you will understand how fast it is to work with Sublime Text. Editor speed and efficiency matter.

Are you looking only for a code editor? Then Notepad++ is the best option for you. You can utilize it for basic coding. If you are working on a Mac, you can go for BBEdit.