6 Most Useful Android Studio Plugins


Android Studio is an official IDE for mobile app development. It provides us with so many inbuilt functionality with the help of which we can make development of android applications faster. In this article we will take a look at 6 Most Useful Android Studio Plugins to boost the android development process.

1. Rainbow Brackets

Many times while developing android applications. We can see that there are so many opening and closing brackets used in the code. Sometimes it becomes difficult to track the opening and closing bracket because of so many conditions used within our code. To identify the opening and closing brackets easily we can use Rainbow Brackets Plugin which will highlight opening and closing brackets within our code with a specific set of color so that we can easily identify the opening and closing bracket within our code.

2. JSON to Kotlin class Plugin

Every application which is making network calls within it is using APIs to consume the data. For implementation of APIs we have to create a modal class within our project to parse the data from JSON which we received from API in the form of response. Every time we have to create a kotlin class for different APIs. For this task we can simply use the JSON to Kotlin class plugin which will generate the kotlin data class when we add a JSON response to it. This plugin will help us to reduce the efforts which are required for performing repetitive tasks.

3. Material UI Theme

Android Studio itself comes with different types of themes for developers. The themes in android studio consist of Dracula Mode, Light mode and High Contrast mode which offers different color sets for the code which is being written within Android Studio Project. If you are looking for some dark color themes for some change in your development environment. You can check out the Material UI Theme plugin for Android Studio which provides a different set of themes for Android Studio.

4. ADB WiFi

When we are debugging an application in Android Studio we have to make sure that the device is connected to the laptop for debugging via an USB cable. The developer has to make sure that the USB is never disconnected. Android studio provides a set of commands with which we can connect our android device for debugging over WiFi. To make this process much easier we can simply install the ADB WiFi plugin in our android studio and make sure that the phone is also connected to the same network. Now to connect to the device you have to simply navigate to Tools>Android>ADB WiFi>ADB USB to Wifi and start connection. Using this plugin you can debug your applications wirelessly over WiFi.

5. Codota

Codota is a new generation AI based plugin which provides you with the code suggestions for different programming languages based on your input in IDE. This plugin will also help you with some of the common code snippets to boost your development skills and reduce the chances of errors while writing the code.

6. View Recently Opened Files

Codeglance is a plugin which is used to minimize the code to make the scrolling between the code from top to the bottom easier. It provides the same functionality which we can get to see in the VS Code. Adding minimal enables fast scrolling which lets you jump to the various sections of the code easily. This plugin is embedded into the editor window which makes it easy to scroll to the various sections of the code.


In the above article we have taken a look at 6 Most Useful Android studio plugin which you should definitely install to make the development process of your android application a lot more easier and efficient.

Updated on: 17-Feb-2023

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