5 Ways Insurance Companies Can Use Digital Marketing For Business Growth

Promoting your insurance products and services may seem overwhelming, especially for startups and small-scale insurance companies. Even though the modern concept of insurance may have started as early as the 17th century, with innovations in digital media, consumers' buying habits and preferences have undergone a sea change. Today's consumers can look up their desired products and services at their fingertips, and getting a new insurance policy (or renewing an expired one) is a click away!

Modern-day customers like to make more informed purchase decisions by cross-checking a product or service. They like to do extensive research before investing their hard-earned money anywhere. Speaking of insurance policies, today's smart consumers will go through multiple plans and check the policy details, premium amount, coverages and benefits, and the reviews of each before signing a contract.

Therefore, to cater to the unique demands and shifts in buying patterns, insurance companies need to target their potential clients at every stage of the buying funnel to remain competitive and build brand identity.

5 Ways Digital Marketing Helps Insurance Companies Grow

This article will discuss the best digital marketing practices to boost brand awareness for your insurance company.

Create Updated Buyer Personas

Create an outline of multiple buyer personas by thinking of the ideal customers for several of your insurance offerings. Devise effective advertising strategies that would resonate with your ideal customers’ interests and concerns. To develop current buyer personas, try the following steps −

  • Define your customers by answering questions like what they want, what are their interests, where are they coming from, who are the final decision-makers, what are their job roles, how old are they, and so on.

  • Segment your buyer personas by organizing all the gathered information about your clients. Look for similarities in the uncovered challenges and goals, and decide how many audience personas will be enough to achieve your marketing objectives. You don’t have to cover every user or client right now. Try to segment our buyers based on their job roles, the industries they belong to, their age groups, gender, and more. This step may be the most time-consuming, but it gets half your job done.

  • Create unique names and stories for every buyer persona to develop a full picture. In this way, you can give yourself a complete buyer profile to work with, thus knowing whom you are targeting and what their pain points are.

  • Segregate your buyer personas into three categories: their roles, their goals, and their challenges. This way, you can pull out the relevant parts for your marketing teams and sales reps, thus making their work easier in the upcoming days.

  • Finally, use your audience personas to devise tailored sales and digital marketing strategies. Try to relate each buyer persona with your sales and marketing teams, and correspond your campaigns with every customer’s favorite online platform. Hence, you can create more targeted and relevant ad campaigns and develop personalized content. You can also optimize your landing pages and speak to your buyers in their language.

Build a High-quality Website

Design a top-notch website that showcases all your insurance policies and services appealingly. Make sure your visitors can find the right policy according to their needs and are also able to compare different schemes. Mention all the things covered by a specific policy and the packages your clients can avail of. Your website must resonate with your customers’ journey and help them understand your policy terms and coverages.

Create and Publish Curated Content

Today’s audience likes to research a product or service heavily before clicking on that “Checkout” or “Add to Cart” button. Research shows that about 78% of modern shoppers believe that relevant content influences positive buying decisions and increases their intent to purchase a brand’s goods or services.

Implement advanced data analytical tools, such as Google Analytics, etc., to determine which content or keyword gets the highest traffic, allowing your online marketing teams to produce higher-quality content. Try to curate your content and messages for different online platforms, depending on their audience type, content marketing trends, competitors' activities, etc. As the general rule of thumb, whatever content you are developing, ensure that it is putting your client’s needs first.

Create Thoughtful Social Media Campaigns

Marketing through various social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, etc., has become indispensable for any smart insurance company. You don’t want to miss out on targeting and reaching the millions of social media users active for long hours every day. Besides, social media marketing is one of the fastest ways to grow your market size by reaching a global audience, which is not otherwise possible through traditional marketing.

Every platform needs a different treatment, so your social media marketing team needs to develop unique and innovative strategies for every platform. You can also execute more thoughtful and effective campaigns by tracking and monitoring the performances of your strategies and campaigns.

Create relevant, informative, and interactive content to increase customer engagement rates. Make them interact with your posts and stories by posting comments and reactions. In short, let your potential customers hear the voice behind your brand.

Convert Your Website Users into Clients

Develop strategic content to convert your flying customers and website users into returning clients. By providing interactive features and impactful user experiences, you can transform your website visitors into committed, long-lasting clients. Every time a visitor clicks on your website link from one of the numerous sources, like social media, search engine results, local listing sites, PPC ad landing pages, etc., you have the golden opportunity of converting the user into a profit.

Within 5 to 8 seconds after they click on your site link and start navigating through your offerings and insurance plans, try to convince them that you can solve their issues and concerns. By developing strategic and thoughtful content, make your visitors realize you can offer the best solution. Therefore, every business, including insurance companies, should grab their visitors' attention through innovative and modern digital marketing techniques.

Final Words

To conclude, impactful digital marketing tactics will help create a higher impact among your prospects and help generate high-quality users. Through robust content strategies, you can fine-tune your insurance marketing products and services for effective targeting. Let your clients learn the ins and outs of your unique insurance products and policies, and give them a reason to buy from you.

Updated on: 26-Apr-2023


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