5 Arduino Project Problem Statements for Beginners

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If you are starting off with Arduino, then the following 5 projects can be taken up by you −

7-segment display using Arduino

  • Interface a 7-segment display with Arduino and count from 0 to 9 on that display. This will help you get a good understanding of GPIOs

  • As a next step, you can interface Arduino with a potentiometer, and display the truncated voltage value (read using ADC) on the 7 segment display.

Fire Alarm System

  • Interface the Arduino with a smoke detector or a flame sensor and a buzzer to give a warning as soon as the readings from the smoke detector cross a threshold

  • You can read more here.

Water Level Indicator

  • Interface the Arduino with ultrasonic sensor and a buzzer to give an indication of the water level in a container.

  • You can improvise and connect Arduino to an OLED screen to give live updates of the water level.

  • You can read more here.

RFID scanner with Arduino

  • Interface your Arduino with a RFID reader and light an LED if the RFID card is read properly.

  • You can improvise this further, and control a relay switch based on the correct value of the RFID, to control an appliance

  • You can read more here.

Line Follower Bot −

  • Program the Arduino to control a bot’s movement to follow a white line.

  • You will need to interface Arduino with IR sensors and motor drivers and also study a bit about controls (PID knowledge will help)

  • You can read more here.

Updated on 30-Jul-2021 15:12:31