17 Best IoT Devices List in 2022

The IoT, also called the Internet of Things, has become a very special part of digital transformations among many firms. Companies use IoT to provide better customer services, take better decisions, and achieve operational efficiencies. It refers to the interconnectedness of devices that collect and share data. Let’s look at the 17 best IoT devices in 2022.

What is IoT?

IoT devices are hardware devices that come with sensors. These sensors enable them to collect and transmit data to a central server. It is a network of physical objects that are connected to the internet. As of 2021, around 22 billion devices are connected in the world. IoT devices might include everything from simple kitchen appliances to high-tech industrial gear.

17 Best IoT Devices in 2022

1. SAMSUNG Galaxy SmartTag

Are you fed up with losing your backpack, keychain, wallet, and purse time and again? With SmartTags from Samsung, you can live carefree because it will locate your things from a distance of up to 130 yards.SmartThings app will even add more functionality to your IoT device.

2. Philips Hue

Smart bulbs like the Philips Hue Bulbs and Lighting System let you operate lamps using the Philips Hue App. It works with many virtual assistants like Google Assistant, Apple Homekit, and Alexa. Using this IoT device's high-quality, energy-efficient LED, you may conserve electricity.

3. TSA Fingerprint Travel Lock

Your travel lock will be unlocked when you tap your fingerprint on this device. This has a multi-user facility and can store up to five fingerprints. It is rechargeable and can stay up to 1 year on a single charge.

4. AWS IoT Dash Button

Developers may use the AWS IoT Button to start with AWS IoT Core, Amazon DynamoDB, AWS Lambda, Amazon SNS, and other AWS services without writing device-specific code.

5. WatchOS9

Apple manufactures WatchOS9. It has an exercise app that is loaded with plenty of features. Your heart health and sleep quality are taken care of by accurate tracking capability. And more customization is possible by changing the watch faces.

6. Xenio 500

It is used to collect data on their login and logout times. Feedback forms can be shared among employees using Xenio 500, and sometimes insights are also given to their employees. All this can be done by capturing data using a fingerprint sensor. Whether your hands are clean, dusty, or oily, Xenio 500 takes real-time employee data in clean and clumsy workplaces.

7. Echo Dot

The fourth-generation Echo Dot is a little smart speaker with a stylish appearance that fits nicely with most interiors. It is a compact, lightweight device. As a result, you may easily bring it to work or buy two to use at home and the workplace.

8. SMONET Smart Lock

To deal with smart world problems, we need smarter solutions. Stressing about losing keys and keyrings? Ultra-modern smart lock system from SMONET is your solution. It can be mobile app-controlled and has fingerprint scanning and keypad-based locking and unlocking.

9. Google Nest Thermostat

You can use your smartphone to decide on the heating and cooling system remotely. It is mainly manufactured to conserve energy, and Google Nest Thermostat has Energy Star Certification.

10. Arlo Pro 4

Imagine you are on vacation with your family. Do you not wish you enjoy the trip with all your heart without having to take any stress regarding the safety of your home? It is made true with Arlo Pro 4. With live audio and video, stay connected to your home. This 2K HDR security camera captures clearer details and colors and can see who is there even at night.

11. Eve Energy

If you have a smart home, you need a smart plug to automate your home. If you are into energy monitoring with HomeKit connectivity, the Eve Energy smart plug is an easy-to-use. It can track your energy usage and be controlled by Siri, the Eve app, and the Apple Home app. However, you'll need a HomePod Mini, HomePod, or an Apple TV 4K if you want control of it when you're not at home.

12. Eufy Video Doorbell 2k

When there are ample choices, sticking to your ding-dong bell is old-fashioned. But if you are looking for the best video doorbell, you have to check out Eufy video doorbell 2k, which is the most affordable device for its features.

13. Foobot Air Quality Monitor

Foobot is an indoor air quality monitor. It can detect odorless, invisible pollutants in your surroundings and makes them apparent on its LED display. You can tell whether your air is more reminiscent of an Alpine forest or a Los Angeles motorway by looking at the hue and scope of its radiance.

14. Canary

Your smartphone is notified when someone enters your home. It collects both audio and video, and it takes note of when you

15. Sync Smart Band Activity Tracker

With the world's people stuck in a sedentary lifestyle, activity trackers have become a need of the hour. The Sync Smartband Activity Tracker is popular with individuals, families, and children. It offers a fitness tracker and several other health monitoring capabilities to keep an eye on the user's well-being. Additionally, it contains a system for tracking your location and sleep cycle.

16. Google home Voice Controller

It would help if you added a Google Home voice controller to your smart home to feel and live a smarter life. This voice controller will allow users to operate the TV, speakers, lights, alarms, and many more appliances that can be controlled through your voice.

17. Mr Coffee Smart Coffee Maker

Over two billion cups of coffee are consumed daily and imagine you can control the brew of your coffee from anywhere. You can monitor, modify and schedule your cup of heaven anytime, anywhere.


Many such smart IoT devices are available in the market today, and to meet the demand, security is sometimes compromised in production. Just keep in mind you are not just giving away your data but also privacy to IoT. But anyways, with proper research, you can always change settings and protect your boundaries. We hope you found this article helpful, and we look forward to keeping you covered with new advances in the field of IoT in the coming time. Until then, keep reading!!