10 Common Applications of Internet of Things(IoT)

The Internet of Things collects billions of data daily all around the world. It helps to create an extensive network by collaborating data, keeping it connected with an extensive network, and sorting out data precisely. It helps to solve various complicated issues simply and efficiently in a short time. 

Designing efficient devices is the primary work of IoT engineers. They design devices to remove laborious work and update the world with advanced technologies. We can use these devices in daily living and workplaces to keep updated with the latest technology and avoid manual work.

But if you wonder where we can use these devices, here are some common applications where IoT plays an important role.

10 Common Applications of IoT

1. Smart Homes

If we look at our homes, we can find IoT. The lock system of our doors is based on the technology developed by IoT. You do not need to open and close the doors and windows manually. Remotes can do this job now and reduce our manual labor.

Moreover, the IoT devices measure electricity and water usage daily by the established sensors in the meter. The IoT is also used to record TV shows. Now, we can purchase smart televisions and record the shows we wish to watch according to our schedule.

2. Smart City

The Internet has not been limited to introducing networks around the world. It has extended its uses in the city too. The IoT helps manage traffic control, hydraulic and thermal power, dumping material, and other manual work. It helps in managing vehicles through IoT. This way, these devices add comfort to people's daily life.

3. Self-driven Vehicles

With the invention of smartphones, we can quickly book cabs. The public can easily book their transport and reach their destination without wasting time. It eases the process of searching for vehicles as the booking of the vehicle has been made.

4. Online Shopping

Online shopping has become the preferable IoT over smartphones. Instead of standing in queues and waiting for the salesperson to entertain us, we can quickly go grocery shopping for clothes and everyday used things online. Most people prefer it from a different e-commerce application like Amazon. It is both a time and money saver. IoT has set specific devices which aid online shopping through android and iOS phones.

5. Health

IoT has set particular devices like beds in hospitals and unique types of sensors attached to our bodies that can monitor our blood sugar continuously. These devices help measure blood pressure, and an oximeter regulates our body temperature. These devices are built with the current IoT systems. Thus, we can manage things at home instead of unnecessarily visiting the doctor.

6. Agriculture

IoT has obtained a level in agriculture as well. The application of the Internet of things gives us perfect data regarding information for growing crops well. It gives us information regarding the type of soil needed, appropriate temperature, and water required for the proper growth of the crop. It tells us the best time to grow particular crops and the diseases present in the crop to be grown so that the pesticide and insecticide can be applied accordingly.

7. Traffic Management

We can also use IoT applications for traffic management. We all must have used Google Maps or other location-centric software someday. These applications predict the traffic while reaching the source to the destination.

When this traffic is analysed for a longer period, IoT can also predict the traffic scenario at peak hours, helping people with easy commutes.

8. Energy Saving

Different types of sensors are being equipped in the devices to save electric and water energy. It prevents useless waste by establishing a dual communication system between the energy power user and the supplier. These devices also help in monitoring energy consumption regularly.

9. Wearables

The Internet of Things has introduced sensors and devices with artificial machinery that help operate virtual glasses, calorie burner meters, and GPS tracking belts. It has established Apple phones which can be connected to our watches, heartbeats, and fitness bands. Google, Samsung, and Apple have introduced IoT applications that are helpful in daily life.

10. Pollution Control

Pollution is the biggest problem in almost all cities. We are sometimes unaware whether we breathe smoke or oxygen in polluted cities. With the help of IoT, we can collect data from a particular area and inform the concerned authority and the government well in advance to take steps to control pollution.


When there are so many applications of IoT, no wonder why this field is on a boom these days; observing the exponential growth of IoT, we can predict that there will be a day when all our appliances will run through IoT only, and we will be majorly dependent on it for our daily routines. We already saw a few examples of it.

However dependent we get on this technology, it is only making our lives easier and quicker. So, using a machine that can save you more time and give better results is no harm.