10 Best Test Data Generation Tools

It requires a large volume of data to test applications. Manually inserting data is not an affordable and time-friendly option. Therefore, you need some test data generation tools to insert data into the database with ease. These tools help testers with load, performance and stress testing. You can use these data in other databases too. Apart from storing data, a test data generation tool also helps in securing your existing data. It can be done by replacing confidential data with dummies.

10 Best Test Data Generation Tools

DTM Data Generator

DTM data generator is a reliable tool for delivering high-quality and realistic test arrays by generating data rows and schema objects. With this tool, you can automatically create data values and optional schema objects like triggers, tables, procedures and views. Its data generation engine comes with 70+ built-in functions and expressions, allowing you to define complex test data supporting dependencies, internal structure and relationships.

Its schema analyzer feature further enables you to create data realistic without making any additional project modifications. The tool supports all popular database systems such as IBM DB2, Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL Server, etc.

Visual Studio (Premium) Data Generator

The visual studio data generator is a premium test data generation tool to produce schema-appropriate test data. It comes with a wide range of built-in data generators for generating several types of data. For instance, you can use the string generator for random strings and the integer generator for random integer values. You can also change the properties of data generators as per your specific range and format. Since it comprises a wide variety of data generators, you can always build customized generators befitting your business requirements.

Redgate SQL Data Generator

If you need a powerful tool to create large volumes of accurate data, then Redgate SQL Data Generator can get it done within a few clicks. It contains generators with parameters such as table names, column names, field length, data types, etc. Besides, it’s pretty simple to use, offering great flexibility and manual control for generating foreign key data.

It allows you to generate random data and create the same collection of data every time you want. Moreover, you can import your data from existing sources, disable triggers and constraints to avoid database logic interference.

ApexSQL Generate

With the ApexSQL Generate tool, you can create SQL test data and generate millions of rows in a limited time. It allows you to emulate real-world test data and export them to multiple formats. It allows you to select your preferable generator and customize your test data plan with precise options. With over 150 predefined generators, ApexSQL generates you to define realistic data such as name, password, credit card number, and many more. The tool complies with an extensive range of SQL data styles, foreign keys and command-line interface to retain data consistency.

Upscene Advanced Data Generator

The upscene advanced data generator comes with a predefined set of data libraries and documentation, allowing you to emulate sensible and realistic data. On top of that, it also supports generating complex data with multiple inter-related tables. It supports many data types such as date, time, real numbers, texts, binary, integers, GUIDs and Boolean. Each type comes with unique data settings, such as random value and random files from the folder.

EMS Data Generator

EMS allows you to populate multiple tables with test data, create tables and fields by mask. It also enables you to put value ranges, select elements from queries and test the whole data in one click. The tool comes with separate editions specially designed to work on DMBS serves like Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, DB2, PostgreSQL and InterBase. It includes a variety of options that allows seamless customization of the overall data generation process.


Generatedata.com is an open-source test data generation tool written in PHP, MySQL and JavaScript. It enables testers to generate a massive volume of custom data up to 5000 records at one go. Besides, you can generate these data in various popular formats and use them in populating databases, testing software and more.

The site provides an online demo for users to help them get along with the tool, allowing them to test its features and how it works. The tool is licensed under GNU and is free to download and install.

IBM DB2 Test Database Generator

The DB2 Test Database Generator allows you to create test data from scratch or use existing data at an ultra-fast pace. While creating test data, you will have access to a whole range of rules. For instance, to define the constant values for columns, you can use the static rule. Similarly, the mask rule allows you to modify values by inserting positions with a static or pattern value. Moreover, it supports the creation of both batch and referential integrity of test data in different formats such as XML, SQL, and CSV.

GS Data Generator

GS Data Generator serves as a top-tier automated testing and data generation tool. It allows you to generate quality test data for performance testing, usability testing, database load testing and software quality assurance testing. You can create random test data and business intelligence data for various purpose like CRM, system integration testing, ERP, data warehouse development and software marketing. It supports both types and referential integrity constraints. Besides, it maintains complete data anonymity to safeguard essential data elements. This is a great feature, primarily when an offshore development team is handling the data.

Informatica Test Data Management

Informatica Test Data Management is a powerful data generation tool with a handful of features. The tool allows you to find the locations of your data with a single click. Besides, you can also mask your original data with edited content across databases. As a tester, you can store, share, modify and reuse test database, thereby increasing productivity in the long run. Overall, Informatica helps you to discover, create, subset test data and protect them at every cost.