ZOOM: Master Video Conferencing in Just 40 minutes!

Use this free video conferencing tool to enhance your work and personal life!

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   Published on 10/2021



Last time you tried to make sense of your working remotely with your team, however working with Zoom proved to be a troublesome task..

But it doesn't have to be this way!

You Will Walk Away With...

  • Master Zoom Video Conferencing Basics in just 40 minutes!
  • Understand the essence of Zoom functions, without memorizing them!
  • See how each of these functionalities are used with real examples!

After this class you will be able to:

  • Actually SMILE when you start opening your Zoom meeting :)
  • Impress your boss, coworkers, and your friends on what you can do with Zoom!

If you're like me, you use Zoom on a daily basis for important tasks, collaboration, whether in the office or in a remote setting. Whether it's for business or personal related projects, everyone wants to be able to use Zoom freely and easily.

If you're ready to gain full control of Video Conferencing with Zoom TODAY, take the “ZOOM: Master Video Conferencing" course right now and master the following: 

  • Signing up with Zoom
  • Hosting a meeting
  • Inviting Participants
  • Managing Participants
  • Screen sharing
  • Sharing whiteboards
  • Chatting
  • Recording
  • Ending meetings

Here are my top 9 Video conferencing zoom tips for you!

  • Virtual Backgrounds
  • Custom Virtual Background
  • Video Settings
  • Calendar Zoom Extension
  • Hiding the Floating Menu
  • Mute All Keyboard Shortcut
  • Using New Share
  • Using Pause Share
  • Annotating your Screen Share

What Will I Get ?

  • Maximize Zoom video conferencing for your meetings
  • Learn the different features of Zoom
  • Have fun with Zoom!


  • No prior knowledge needed.

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ZOOM: Master Video Conferencing in Just 40 minutes!
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