Wrestling - Important Terms


Before you start playing this game, you need to understand its frequently used terms. Let us discuss some of the basic terms that we are going to encounter frequently in a wrestling game.

  • Action − It is referee's command to the wrestlers to begin wrestling.

  • Arm control − Controlling the opponent's arms.

  • Arm throw − A move in which a wrestler throws his opponent over his shoulder by holding the opponent's arm.

  • Base − It is a good wrestling position where the wrestler lays on his hand and knees instead of back or belly.

  • Bridge − This is a position the wrestler prevents his back from touching the mat.

  • Bridge out − This move is used to escape the opponent. The wrestler rolls onto a stomach from a bridge.

  • Breakdown − This is move where one wrestler tries to put another wrestler on the mat upon his stomach or side.

  • Bout − A wrestling bout is a physical competition, between two (occasionally more) competitors or sparring partners, who attempt to gain and maintain a superior position.

  • Clamping − This is a process of interlocking the arms around the opponent. The opponent must control his arms, hands, and wrists from clamping.

  • Default − This is a process of announcing the winner when the opponent is injured so badly that he cannot play the match or he does not appear for the bout when his name is called upon.

  • Decision − This term signifies winning of a match in 1-7 points.

  • Disqualification − If any wrestler breaks the rules of the match, he is disqualified.

  • Escape − If any wrestler breaks the rules of the match, he is disqualified.

  • Pin − The process in which one forces other’s shoulders blade to the mat.

  • Reversal − This is a move in which the wrestler who is underneath of another, gains control over his opponent. This type of move fetches the wrestler two points.

  • Stalemate − When such a situation arises that none of the wrestler can improve their positions, the match again gets started from the starting line. This is called stalemate.

  • Freestyle − It is a type of wrestling where the wrestler is allowed to hold his opponent above or below his waist level by using their arms, bodies and legs.

  • Folkstyle − The process is same as freestyle with more focus is given on the control.

  • Greco-Roman − A very popular style of wrestling in which the wrestler can use his upper body and arms to hold or attack his opponent’s same part.

  • Illegal hold − At any point of the match if one wrestler pushes another with much force that is beyond tolerable limit or performs any action that hampers the normal breathing process of the opponent, then it is called an illegal hold.

  • Major Decision − This is a process of winning a match by 8-14 points.

  • Near fall − It is a position where one shoulder of the wrestler touches the mat and another is past 45 degree angle, or if both the shoulders are positioned within the 4 inches area of the mat.

  • Neutral position − It is the position where both the wrestlers have lost their controls. Hence; from this position the wrestlers try to takedown each other.

  • Takedown − To gain the control by putting down your opponent on the ground from a standing position is termed as takedown. This action fetches the wrestler two points.

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