WML <!--...--> Tag

        The WML <!--...> tag is used to comment out a portion of WML code.

        A comment starts with the four characters <!-- and ends with the three characters --> . Everything that appears between these two markers, including tags, body text, entities, and line breaks, is ignored.

        If for some reason you want the sequence <!-- in your body text, write it with an entity (which you would have to do for the < anyway):


        WML does not allow nesting of comments. This means you can not keep comment inside a comment. The following doesn't work:

        <!-- A simple <!-- EMBEDDED COMMENT, NOT! --> comment. -->

        Note that the WAP gateway removes all comments as part of its processing, so the browser doesn't even know they exist and there is no effect on traffic due to your comments.


        There is no attribute related to <!--...--> tag.


        Following is the example showing usage of this element:

        <!-- This will be assumed as a comment -->

        A multiline comment can be given as follows:

        <!-- This is a multi-line
             comment -->
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