WML - WAP Emulators

Instead of installing an entire WAP SDK, you can install a WML emulator. An emulator simply lets you view the contents of your WML files as they would be seen on the screen of a WAP-enabled device.

While the emulators do a great job, they are not perfect. Try a few different ones, and you will quickly decide which you like the most. When the time comes to develop a real (commercial) WAP site, you will need to do a lot more testing, first with other SDKs/emulators and then with all the WAP-enabled devices you plan to support.

The following lists some of the WAP emulators that are freely available:

  • Klondike WAP Browser: This is produced by Apache Software. Klondike looks a lot like a Web browser and is therefore very easy to use for beginners. You can access local WML files easily. It also supports drag-anddrop, making local file use very easy.

  • Yospace: This is produced by Yospace. WAP developers can use the desktop edition of the emulator to preview WAP applications from their desktop, safe with the knowledge that the emulator provides a reasonably faithful reproduction of the actual handset products.

  • Ericsson R380 Emulator: This is produced by Ericsson. The R380 WAP emulator is intended to be used to test WML applications developed for the WAP browser in the Ericsson R380. The emulator contains the WAP browser and WAP settings functionality that can be found in the R380.

  • WinWAP : This is produced by Slob-Trot Software. WinWAP is a WML browser that works on any computer with 32-bit Windows installed. You can browse WML files locally from your hard drive or the Internet with HTTP (as with your normal Web browser).

  • Nokia WAP simulator - This is produced by Nokia and fully loaded with almost all functionalities. Try this one.