What Makes You, You

Discover the Many Facets That Make You the Unique Person You Are

Course Description

If you want to discover the many interesting and unique aspects of who you are, you have to be willing to be completely honest with yourself. That includes acknowledging and understanding the positive and negative aspects of your personality.

If you are not honest with yourself, you’ll never really know the deepest recesses of your personality that are a part of you, nor will you ever be able to make changes that can help you achieve everything you want in life.

What makes you special are your thoughts, desires, dreams, and experiences in life, among many other aspects. Because most of those are internal processes that only you experience and know, this part of you is not about what others see or perceive you to be.

Being honest with yourself is the only way, then to get to know and truly uncover these parts of yourself.

Being honest with yourself about all parts of who you are can be difficult for some. This process of self-examination can force you to examine and accept some hard truths about yourself.

Digging deeply into your beliefs, ambitions, values, and relationships can reveal some aspects of your personality about which you are not particularly proud. But regardless, knowing is better than not knowing. Honesty works.

Next we look at habits and how they control our lives.  And since they do then we will learn how to create new habits that form the new you.

We will take a hard look at fear and how fear often gets in the way of true change in our lives.  You will learn how to manage your fears and if you are up to the challenge you will learn how to eliminate fear from your life

In this course I will help you take an honest look at you, the facets that make you, you and once you discover those I will help you build on that.  You will have the opportunity to become the best version of yourself.  How exciting is that?!!!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone will gain much from this course if they just start out with a desire to learn who they are and why they are. You will even learn how to help people you know that just "don't get you".


  • There is a lot to consider when attempting to get to know you.
  • In this course you will learn what defines you now
  • You will learn how to change certain aspects of your life if you are not happy
  • You will learn the importance of setting and keeping goals when changing things in your life.
  • You will learn that there are wrong ways to to go about establishing a goal, ways that set you up for failure
  • And, of course, you will learn the right way to set a goal and then go about accomplishing it.
  • Fear of change often competes with our desire to improve our lives so you will learn how to manage fear
  • And if you are up to it, you will learn how to eliminate fear from your life.  And that is not a hollow promise.


  • Like any course on self-improvement you must have a desire to change, to grow and to achieve more than you are now.

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What Makes You, You
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