Web Mapping & Data VIZ by Google and Microsoft Mapping Tools

Create and design beautiful online interactive web maps. Advance your data visualization and Online web mapping skill.

Course Description

Web mapping is everywhere. It is an interactive visualization of geographic information. There are many online codeless tools, like CartoBuilder, Mapbox Studio, ArcGIS online to create web maps. This course will help you create simple but powerful web maps by Google My Maps, Google data studio, and Microsoft power maps.

Google My Maps is the modern way to visualize geographic data. With My Maps, you can quickly and easily build a map visualization to keep people informed. You will create powerful data visualization with these creative tools. This course will show you how to create web maps from start to finish in each real-world project. You will explore how to import multiple datasets and overlay and merge them together. You'll also learn some useful tips and tricks to help you optimize your map.

We will create three real-world projects

1. New York City Traffic accident web map. We will create a caseload map analysis from raw data by Google My Maps. We see every step to create the map visualization from Start to Finish.

2. Updated COVID-19 Country Caseload map. We will design the updated map of COVID-19 by Google data studio mapping tools. I will show every step from cleaning the raw data to designing and styling the map.

3. US Population Visualization and New York City Traffic heat map. You learn how to create a heat map and boundary Visualization.

4. Embed and Share web maps. You will learn all the skills to create a free website, design and compose layouts. Moreover, you will learn how to embed web maps to your site and share them with others.

This course is code-less and beginner-friendly. I will show every step to create the map visualization from start to finish. The skill will help to create free web maps in no time.


  • How To Visualize Web Maps by Google Data Studio
  • How To Create Web Maps by Google My Maps
  • How To Create Choropleth Maps in Microsoft Power Map
  • How To Style, Share and Embeds Web Maps to Your Site
  • How To Create Web Maps by Microsoft power map
  • How to Create Heat Maps in My Maps


  • No experience required on GIS and data visualization
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  • Downloading and Organizing COVID-19 data Cases
  • Importing and Setting up parameters in Google Data Studio
  • Creating the Geo Maps in Google Data Studio
  • Styling Data Visualization in Google Data Studio
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Web Mapping & Data VIZ by Google and Microsoft Mapping Tools
This Course Includes
  • 50 mins
  • 17 Lectures
  • Completion Certificate Sample Certificate
  • Lifetime Access Yes
  • Language English
  • 30-Days Money Back Guarantee

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