Vim Tutorial - One Hour to Proficiency (Vim Essentials)

Master Vim essentials without spending hours on material you may never use again. Streamlined Vim tutorial that covers the Vim basics.

Course Description

Looking for a good Vim tutorial? Vim is a lightweight, powerful editor, installed on most Unix-type systems by default, but most users do not need all that Vim has to offer. The Vim essentials taught in this course may be all you really need to know to be successful in your work or for personal use. The benefit of this course is that the most high-value content for new Vim users is packaged to fit your time schedule and is delivered to you in only one hour. 

Throughout the course, quizzes and exercises will help you commit to memory the material, so you'll be ready to use your new skills right away. From there, you'll be well-equipped to continue learning advanced Vim topics at your leisure and on an as-needed basis. Also included for you is a useful Vim cheat sheet that references all the essential Vim commands.

I've been a Network Engineer/Linux user for almost a decade and I've never used any Vim commands besides those taught in this course...and I use Vim almost every day! I use Vim for viewing, creating, and modifying scripts, config files, and other settings on Linux machines. If that scenario is similar to yours, or you're an aspiring learner, then I'm confident this is all you need to learn the essentials of Vim. 

This course is also great as a Vim refresher. 

Good luck with your learning, and thank you for taking my course!

As an aside, if you feel so inclined, feel free to check out the website I built that is written 100% by artificial intelligence (ChatGPT). It's a showcase of what artificial intelligence can do with writing. Potentially more teaching to come on that. Thanks! https://artificiallyspeaking.com


Master the essentials of VIM without hours of material you'll possibly never use again.

  • Be able to read and edit files with Vim.
  • Understand Vim modes.
  • Navigate a file in Vim and turn on line numbers, go to the end of a file, etc.
  • Search and search and replace in Vim. 
  • Have the skills to write code using Vim.
  • Use the powerful Vimdiff tool to compare two files side-by-side.
  • Learn how to exit Vim (always good to know!) :)
  • Refresh your Vim skillset if you are experienced with Vim but want a review.


  • Have access to a Linux CLI or MacOS terminal (optional).
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  • Course Overview
  • Vim Cheatsheet
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Vim Tutorial - One Hour to Proficiency (Vim Essentials)
This Course Includes
  • 51 mins
  • 29 Lectures
  • 1 Resources
  • 61 Quiz Questions
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  • Language English
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