VB.Net - Nested If Statements


It is always legal in VB.Net to nest If-Then-Else statements, which means you can use one If or ElseIf statement inside another If ElseIf statement(s).


The syntax for a nested If statement is as follows −

If( boolean_expression 1)Then
   'Executes when the boolean expression 1 is true 
   If(boolean_expression 2)Then
         'Executes when the boolean expression 2 is true 
   End If
End If

You can nest ElseIf...Else in the similar way as you have nested If statement.


Module decisions
   Sub Main()
      'local variable definition
      Dim a As Integer = 100
      Dim b As Integer = 200
      ' check the boolean condition 
      If (a = 100) Then
         ' if condition is true then check the following 
         If (b = 200) Then
            ' if condition is true then print the following 
            Console.WriteLine("Value of a is 100 and b is 200")
         End If
      End If
      Console.WriteLine("Exact value of a is : {0}", a)
      Console.WriteLine("Exact value of b is : {0}", b)
   End Sub
End Module

When the above code is compiled and executed, it produces the following result −

Value of a is 100 and b is 200
Exact value of a is : 100
Exact value of b is : 200