Using a Bullet Journal in Your Quest to Stay Motivated

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Using a Bullet Journal in Your Quest to Stay Motivated

Committing your goal to writing is the first step to a more positive outcome. Tracking your progress assures success.

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Course Description

If you are someone who is constantly trying to keep up with the demands of life – you are not alone. It isn’t difficult to lose track of appointments, fall behind on to-do lists and tasks you need to get done, and let your goals fly out the window. This is a common occurrence in everyday life.

What if you found an easy way to organize your life, that is also fun and has loads of other benefits as well? This is exactly what you get with a bullet journal. This type of journal is something that helps you to put your entire life into one book, use your creativity and imagination, and finally reduce the chaos that consumes you and overwhelms you daily.

And don’t be intimidated by some of the complex bullet journals out there. It is good to look at other people’s layouts and pages for inspiration and fresh ideas, but everyone started simple. All you need to start off is a few sections, then you can gradually add more later on. The most important thing is that you use it regularly and continue improving your home, personal, and work organization with help from the bullet journal.

Not only can a bullet journal help you become more organized, but you will get all these additional benefits:

Can maintaining motivation actually change your life?

What is motivational self improvement training? Why is motivation important?  How does motivation help with self improvement?  Can maintaining motivation actually change your life?   

There are numerous self-motivation techniques out there to be learned but this course takes a more direct and simplistic approach.  You will gain nuggets in every lecture to aid you in finding your own self motivation and even a few ways to motivate other people.

So the answer to my question "can maintaining motivation actually change your life?" is absolutely yes.  Without motivation and especially self motivation nothing in your life will ever change nor improve.

If you commit your goal to become more motivated to paper and then track you progress, daily, weekly and monthly you have a much higher chance of accomplishing your goal or any other goals you have in mind.  Bullet Journaling makes it easy.  I have even included 10 journal templates you can download and make you own just to keep this whole process simple to adapt to your lifestyle.

Let's be real though, how often have you put of tasks, projects or even healthy activities using some lame but at the time reasonable excuse.  Most of us do so in this course we spend some time learning how to deal with procrastination.

Let's spend some time together discovering how great your new life can be with just a little motivation.

Who is this course for?

  • If you are tired of trying but never seem to succeed in change then you will, without a doubt benefit from this course.  I take a different approach to the process of motivation, simplify the concepts and make the whole process understandable and achievable.


What will you learn in this course:

  • If you finish the course you will learn tips for maintaining your new found motivation
  • You will learn how  strong habits  will aid in your motivation maintenance
  • You will learn how to use a bullet journal to strengthen you efforts to stay motivated
  • And you will learn how procrastination is a detriment to motivation
  • What are the requirements or prerequisites for taking your course?
  • There are no prerequisites for this course


What are the prerequisites for this course?

  • There are no course requirements

Using a Bullet Journal in Your Quest to Stay Motivated


Check out the detailed breakdown of what’s inside the course

8 Lectures
  • play icon Course-Promo 01:24 01:24
  • play icon Introduction 01:01 01:01
  • play icon Three Tips to Boost Motivation 03:21 03:21
  • play icon Five Motivation Mistakes 04:23 04:23
  • play icon The Key to Self-Improvement 03:36 03:36
  • play icon Does What You Eat Count? 03:35 03:35
  • play icon Let's Learn How to Stay Motivated 04:10 04:10
  • play icon What Does Bullet Journaling Have to Do With Motivation 01:02 01:02
Bullet Journal Introduction
16 Lectures

Instructor Details

Brent Dalley

Brent Dalley

Trainer in: Leadership, Marketing, Family Counseling

For the past 22years Brent has owned and operated his own business.

He works from home, writing and producing training courses in personal development, leadership, and personal communications.

He consults and coaches winning teams and team leaders.

He is a personal coach to those seeking to improve their personal life.

With forty years' experience in leadership, he has gained a lifetime’s knowledge and experience.

Throughout his career Brent has received awards in education, sales performance, cost control and asset management, and employee/management relationships.

In his time away from the office he has volunteered as a counselor and coach to countless individuals and couples.

He is married to the same young lady he met 60 years ago and together they have two daughters and one son and 9 grandchildren.

His current interests are mountain biking, hiking and spoiling grandchildren.

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