Use EQ Effectively In Your Beats (Equalization)

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Use EQ Effectively In Your Beats (Equalization)

Learn to use EQ While Mixing Audio.. Specifically for Beatmakers and Producers!

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Course Description

Note, this course will teach you HOW TO USE EQ in your music or any type of audio.  This Equalization course applies to ANY software such as Adobe Premiere, FL Studio, Ableton.. etc.

It will teach you the fundamentals of EQ, how to set it up, and learning how to listen to EQ and train your ear.


EQ is a daunting tool.

When first starting, the hardest part about an EQ is achieving good results.  You usually either over-compensate or are not aggressive enough with your EQ settings.

Well, it's time for you to learn how to use EQ effectively in your songs while making the right choices and improving your workflow.

Over my years as a music producer I've discovered there are a couple concrete fundamentals which are a must to prevent fatigue to your ears, make accurate decisions, and get an amazing sounding mix.

This course is geared towards the intermediate producer, however the beginner producer can catch on really quick, too!

The course structure is broken down into:

  • What is an EQ? [We discuss what an EQ is, the different filter types, how and when I like to use those filter types, analog vs digital music EQ processing, your master channel vs your individual instruments when using EQ, and I show you how to get a really fast workflow when using EQ.]

  • Mindset and Approaches [Why you should always level match when EQing and A/Bing, soloing vs. EQing in the mix, the cutting approach when using EQ, sweeping for problem frequencies and how to look for them, treasure hunting for our problem sound by muting it.]

  • Applying EQ in a Real-World Practice [Why having a game plan is crucial, slapping some compression on the master bus, mixing our percussion elements, mixing our instruments, and finally mixing the entire song.]

  • Creative and Powerful Uses of EQ [Breaking the fear of the high-end, tricks to use both a high-cut and low-cut filter, why looking at your in and out spectrum analyzer is a good indicator, the boost + cut approach, and a parallel processing exciter!]

This is a course I wish I had when starting up.

The reason I say that is the amount of time I've wasted tweaking my EQ for hours, only to realize that certain instrument no longer fits in my mix.  Or, when comparing my mixed version to the original unmixed version, the original sounds way better and musical while my mixed version sounds way too processed and unbalanced.

By following my tricks, tips and suggestions, they will allow you to start making wiser decisions with your EQ and speed up your workflow.

The biggest point I think you'll takeaway from this course is understanding how to listen to your music and test to see if the tweaks you've made are actually making an impact to your song, or taking away your music's soul.

I'd be glad to have you along with me in this course on EQ [Audio Equalization]

# GratuiTous

Who this course is for:

  • Audio Engineers Wanting to Learn How to EQ Effectively
  • Producers Who Want to Speed Up Their Work Flow and Get Amazing Sounding Mixes
  • Students Who Want to Learn How to Use EQ and Many Tricks of the Trade


What will you learn in this course:

  • Effectively EQ Your Music to Create a Balanced and Professional Song
  • Immensely Improve Your Mixing Workflow
  • Be Confident Knowing Your EQ Decisions are Actually Helping Your Songs Rather than Damage It
  • How an EQ Works, the Filter Types, and When to Use These Different Filter Types
  • Creative Uses of EQ and Real World Examples to Use Them


What are the prerequisites for this course?

  • A DAW to Mix Your Music
  • Just your Stock EQ Plugins will Be All You Need to Practice
  • If You Have a Song or Beat to Practice With, That Will Help You Apply the Lessons
Use EQ Effectively In Your Beats (Equalization)


Check out the detailed breakdown of what’s inside the course

1 Lectures
  • play icon Using EQ Effectively in Your Songs - Overview [INTRO] 01:08 01:08
What is an EQ
7 Lectures
Mindset and Approaches when Working with EQ
7 Lectures
Applying EQ in Real World Practice
6 Lectures
Creative and Powerful Uses of EQ
6 Lectures
Conclusion / Course Wrap-Up
1 Lectures

Instructor Details

Riley Weller

Riley Weller

FL Studio Trainer - Making Beatmaking EASY to Understand!

GratuiTous (Riley Weller) has been teaching how to make beats with FL Studio since 2011!

He is known for making concepts simple and easy to understand, which allows his students to see results without feeling overwhelmed.

Making beats is supposed to be fun and rewarding, and if you follow his step-by-step courses, you will discover how much fun music production can actually be!

He has worked with a GRAMMY-Nominated artist, has created many FL Studio Courses and Beatmaking Books, and hosts the podcast "Music Production Made Simple" !

Thank-you for your interest in taking my FL Studio training material, your business means so much, and I hope they help you learn beatmaking in a very organized, simple, and EASY-to-UNDERSTAND fashion!

Riley !

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