Unity 2D Random Dungeon Generator for a Roguelike Video Game

A simple approach to programming a top down 2D random dungeon generator for roguelike video games using C# in Unity

  Billy McDaniel

   Development, Game Development, Unity

Language - English Published on 05/2022


This is a course intended for beginner to intermediate Unity / C# video game developers who have an interest in the classic rogue-like video game genre. We'll be borrowing old familiar pixel art graphics to generate our 2D grid-based environments, characters and enemies.  

This course is not a complete game. It's purpose is to explore a couple of simple random dungeon generation tactics and get you started in the world of procedural level generation.  You'll also learn how to apply a rounded edge around all of the walls of your random dungeon to break up the repeating patterns and give the environment a more organic look.

As an added bonus, I've included a section to demonstrate a simplified method for enemy path finding.  This method uses a flood fill approach to find the shortest path between an enemy and the player. Your enemies will be able to patrol in random directions, chase the player using a flood fill path finding approach as well as engage with the player to begin attacking.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner to Intermediate Unity Game Developers
  • 2D Roguelike Game Enthusiasts
  • Beginner to Intermediate C# Programmers

What Will I Get ?

  • Solving Problems with C# Programming

  • Procedural Random Dungeon Generation

  • Working with 2D Bitwise Tilemap Systems

  • Simplified Solution for Enemy Pathfinding


  • Basic Computing Experience

  • 2D Graphics Editing Experience

  • Experience with Unity Game Engine

  • Experience in Photoshop is Helpful But Not Required

  • Experience Programming in C#

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