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Ultimate PHP & MySQL Web Development Course & OOP Coding
Become an In-demand PHP & MySQL Ninja by learning all the web developments features for creating websites

    • Introduction & Setup
      1 Lectures
    • Basics
      10 Lectures
    • Control Structures
      9 Lectures
    • Functions
      7 Lectures
    • Forms
      10 Lectures
    • File Handling
      12 Lectures
    • MySQL
      21 Lectures
    • XML
      5 Lectures
    • AJAX
      2 Lectures
    • Emails
      2 Lectures
    • Object Oriented Programming
      2 Lectures
    • Error Handling
      1 Lectures
    • Advanced
      2 Lectures
  • Description

    Learn about everything there is to know about PHP & MySQL Web Development. A step by step process is used to explain every facet of these topics. 

    PHP is one the most popular languages in the world. It is requested by all companies such as Google, Facebook and Microsoft for development. It powers Facebook and many other popular websites. This course will ensure you are not left out as more and more companies request this awesome and powerful language. This course will teach you everything about programming PHP & MySQL applications.

    You will receive all the knowledge to use and leverage the powerful technology behind these amazing and wonderful platforms.

    Who this course is for:

    • Anyone Looking To Learn About PHP Coding
    • Developers Looking To Learn The Skills Needed To Utilise PHP Features
    • PHP Developers
    • Web Developers
    • Application Programmers
    • Web Designers
    • People Looking To Learn About Programming
    • Those Seeking To Understand How PHP Programming Works
    • People Seeking Guidance On How To Create PHP & MySQL Websites/Application
    • Beginners & Experts In This Field
    • People With a Desire To Improve Their Programming Knowledge

    What Will I Get ?

    • PHP Programming
    • SQL Programming
    • Database Coding
    • Application programming
    • Cross Platform Development
    • Web Development
    • Semantics of General Programming
    • The Format of Coding Applications
    • Web Design
    • All The Features of PHP & MySQL
    • Object Oriented Programming


    • Passion For Learning Web Development
    • Basic Computer Knowledge and Skills
    • Passion For Learning PHP Programming
    • Basic Knowledge of Computer Science Is Optional
Ultimate PHP & MySQL Web Development Course & OOP Coding
This Course Includes :

5.5 hours

84 Lectures

Lifetime Access

30-Days Money Back Guarantee


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