Ultimate Rust Course: 7 Hours to Complete Rust Programming

From Hello World to Building Networks and Web Servers


Want to be a Rust developer? Let's get started. In this course, we will go from writing "Hello World" to developing a fully functional Web Backend. With a Project based approach, this course aims to develop coding and concepts of Rust concurrently. Instead of reading the concepts we will learn the them by coding and debugging, and will experience what kind of errors and bugs can be expected in our journey to learn Rust. Being a developer myself, I have kept in mind the expectations of both new and experienced developers. This course is designed for all types of programmers with different backgrounds. Starting from basic print statement we will go through learning IO concepts, basic and advanced data types, defining functions, covering the Object Oriented aspect of Rust, writing multi threaded code, learning concepts of referencing and ownership, asynchronous coding,  calling APIs, building Web servers and clients and will end up with a complete data persistent Web Backend. Instead of short and pre-planned videos, this course has been divided into lessons according to the concept in being discussed. The lessons were coded live and bugs were solved to give a realistic expectation to developer about what to expect. I hope to see you in this course and Good Luck for your journey with Rust.


  • Basic and Advanced Data Types of Rust
  • Concepts of Ownership, Referencing, and Borrowing in Rust
  • Object Oriented Programming in Rust
  • Modular Programming in Rust
  • Multi-Threaded programming in Rust
  • Async Programming in Rust
  • Networking concepts in Rust
  • Web and API development in Rust


  • No experience in Rust programming is required. Knowledge of basic concepts of computer is encouraged but will also be covered briefly in the course beginning.
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  • Introduction To Rust
  • Getting Started With Rust
  • Calculator: Part 1
  • Calculator: Part 2
  • Calculator: Part 3
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Ultimate Rust Course: 7 Hours to Complete Rust Programming
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  • 19 Lectures
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