Ultimate Electrical Power Protection, Control & Switchgear

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Ultimate Electrical Power Protection, Control & Switchgear

Your Complete guide in industrial power system protection for switchgears and substations- from Beginner to Expert Level

updated on icon Updated on Jul, 2023

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Course Description

Hi my friend !

  • Looking for a COMPREHENSIVE course about Electrical Control & Protection Systems for Stations ,Switchgears Substations & Distribution Zones ?

              If your answer is YES, then you're definitely in the right place.

 Why this course is Powerful and Unique ?

  1. The course contents are arranged in a progressive manner to start from beginner level to advanced one

  2. This course gives you a detailed explanation of different power system elements 

  3. This course gives you a complete understanding of instrument transformers

  4. In this course, you will be able to adjust settings of various protection functions and their applications 

  5. There are many examples and practical applications that can get you from the academic information to the real world career

  6. This course will be updated many times. So, you will enjoy these updates in the near future

  7. This course will be a good reference for you in the field of power system protection, switchgear and control

  8. I'm always available to you if you get stuck or have a question

  9. This course covers all aspects of power system protection and control which make you really experienced in that field

  10. This course discuses and illustrate complex topics related to protection functions in very simple way 

By the end of this course, you will be able to move from identifying all key components of protection and control system to a complete understanding and adjustment of the setting of various protection functions.

I thank you very much for taking the time to check the course content.

See you in the course !


What will you learn in this course:

  • Why we need the protection system ?
  • Know different Protection System Elements
  • Understand trip circuit connection
  • Differentiate between primary and backup protection
  • Different Methods of Back up Protection
  • Understand Zones of Protection
  • Applications on Protection Zones of Real Power Systems
  • Differentiate between protective system and protective scheme
  • Understand the meaning and causes of short circuit faults
  • Types of Electric Faults
  • Establishment of S.C Current and Waveform
  • Realize Consequences of Short Circuit Faults
  • Understand Operation & Function of Protective Relays
  • How to Adjust Relay Settings
  • Understand Required qualities of Protective Relay
  • Types of Relays According to Function
  • Types of Relays According to Time C/C’s
  • Complete understanding of Electromechanical Relays
  • Understand Static Relays
  • Understand digital advanced Relays
  • Function & Construction of CT & VT
  • Learn Equivalent circuit & Burden of CT & VT
  • Know about Types of CTs used in electrical installations
  • Complete Understanding of Saturation of CT
  • Specifications of CT & VT used for Protection
  • Specifications of CT & VT used for measurement
  • Example of Current Transformer Rating Plate
  • Differentiate between CT &VT
  • Understand Overcurrent Protection
  • Learn How to Adjust The Overcurrent Relay Setting
  • Primary Requirements of Overcurrent Protection
  • Complete Understanding of Directional Over Current Protection
  • Practical application of directional overcurrent Protection
  • Importance of Earthing in electric network
  • Understand Earth Fault Protection
  • Learn Different Earthing Systems in LV
  • Learn Different Earthing Systems in MV
  • Understand Circulation of Earth Fault Current
  • How to Adjust Earth fault Relay settings
  • Understand Directional Earth Fault Protection
  • Understand principle of directional protection
  • Difficulties in Differential Protection and solutions
  • Learn Percentage (Biased) Differential Relay
  • Voltage Balance Differential Relay
  • Why We Need Distance Protection ??
  • Understand Concept of Distance Protection
  • Universal Relay Torque Equation and Its Applications
  • Learn Impedance (Plain) Distance Relay
  • Understand Reactance Relay
  • Understand Mho Relay
  • Differentiate between Overreach & Underreach in Distance Protection
  • Learn Stepped Distance Protection and Its Settings
  • Differentiate between Different Switching Devices
  • Understand Working of Circuit Breaker
  • Arc Phenomena in Circuit Breaker
  • Methods of Arc Interruption in C.B
  • Understand Restriking Voltage & Recovery Voltage
  • Learn About Circuit Breaker Ratings
  • Discuss Large Oil Circuit Breaker
  • Illustrate Operation of Minimum Oil Circuit Breaker
  • Learn Air blast Circuit Breaker
  • Analyze Operation of Vacuum Circuit Breaker
  • Understand SF6 Circuit Breaker
  • Learn Thermal Overload Protection
  • Discuss Excessive Start-Up Time &Locked Rotor Protection
  • Under Current Protection
  • Understand Over & Under Voltage Protection
  • Learn Over & Under Frequency Protection
  • Understand Overall Earth Fault Protection


What are the prerequisites for this course?

  • Passion to learn electric protection from A to Z
  • The basic electrical principles
Ultimate Electrical Power Protection, Control & Switchgear


Check out the detailed breakdown of what’s inside the course

Fundamentals of Power System Protection
8 Lectures
  • play icon Course Contents 04:36 04:36
  • play icon Power system structure 05:35 05:35
  • play icon Function of protection system 05:10 05:10
  • play icon Protection system elements 11:42 11:42
  • play icon Terms in Protective Systems 06:10 06:10
  • play icon Trip circuit connection 04:53 04:53
  • play icon Primary and Backup Protection 17:10 17:10
  • play icon Course Material
Zones of Protection
5 Lectures
Study of Electric Faults
4 Lectures
Establishment of Short Circuit Currents
4 Lectures
Consequences of Short Circuit Faults
4 Lectures
Introduction to Protective Relays
8 Lectures
Electromechanical Protection Relays
10 Lectures
Advanced Protection Relays
3 Lectures
Current Transformers
11 Lectures
Voltage transformers
6 Lectures
Overcurrent Protection (ANSI 50/51)
6 Lectures
Directional Over Current Protection (ANSI 67)
3 Lectures
Earth Fault Protection (ANSI 50/51N)
13 Lectures
Directional Earth Fault Protection (ANSI 67N)
5 Lectures
Differential Protection (ANSI 87)
6 Lectures
Distance Protection (ANSI 21)
13 Lectures
Introduction to circuit breakers
6 Lectures
Types of HV Circuit Breakers
5 Lectures
Other Protection Functions and Their Applications
11 Lectures

Instructor Details

Amr Saleh

Amr Saleh


My name is Amr Saleh. I'm a Teaching Assistant in Electrical Power and Machines Engineering, Ain Shams University.

Through my career,  I teach many courses related to different topics of electrical power engineering including Power Systems , Power Electronics , Electric Machines, High Voltage and also Electric controls and protection.

I gained knowledge in these areas of Electrical Engineering during my undergraduate studies and my Masters degree, as well as during my professional career, and am excited to teach about them in Tutorialspoint. 

In fact, I love teaching electrical engineering topics and I like both the theory behind a topic as well as real-world applications in very simple way to make my students understand the complete picture of the topic.

My goal is to deliver my knowledge about electrical engineering to my students. 

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