Ubuntu Linux Command Line use in bioinformatics for beginner

person icon Abdul Rehman Ikram

Ubuntu Linux Command Line use in bioinformatics for beginner

Command Line and GUI Guide for bioinformaticians utilizing in windows subsystem to run Linux commands and software's

updated on icon Updated on Sep, 2023

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person icon Abdul Rehman Ikram

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Course Description

Hello and welcome to the Ubuntu Linux Command Line use in bioinformatics for beginner Course where you are going to master the Linux command line in a project-based and unforgettable way.

This course has been expertly crafted to make sure that you rapidly improve your Linux skills, Turbocharge your productivity and boost your career with no time wasting and no useless fluff.

Course Structure:

1. Introduction to CLI

2. Introduction to GUI

3. Installation of CLI system

4. Subsystem Making Guide 

5. Commands for Ubuntu

6. Installation of Package 

7. Utilizing CLI tools in ubuntu For Bioinformaticians

8. Sequence Retrieval using Ubuntu

9. Shell and BASH Understanding 

The Course will be available to you for a lifetime if anyone cannot buy the course kindly let me know I will personally give you a free coupon code for enrollment because our priority is your studies, not money.

This course will be extremely helpful for the students of bioinformatics that focuses on research and learning new techniques

This course is perfectly designed to take your productivity and skills to the very next level. I have prepared several sets of quizzes and assignments for you to solve. Based on previous experiences with other students, I am aware that some of you might need a one-to-one discussion therefore you are welcome to request an online meeting/discussion session with me. Just to help you progress in this course. Register now to start learning about what Bioinformatics can do to help you, be it in research routines or for career development, or simply just for personal interest. Well, being honest I love these new technologies and I love learning about these technologies that’s why I am sharing this course so you guys can also take advantage and get the idea of this amazing technology.


What will you learn in this course:

  • Quickly Learn the about Linux Command Line
  • Gain a Complete Understanding of CLI and GUI OS
  • Operate a Linux OS like Ubuntu on Microsoft Windows
  • Learn how to Manage Open Source Software with ubuntu Terminal
  • Learn to install a subsystem in the windows operating System
  • Retrieve Sequence using Command Line
  • Learn to utilize software package in Linux Operating System
  • installing software using Linux ubuntu subsystem in windows


What are the prerequisites for this course?

  • We Start from Scratch so no previous experience is required!
  • This Course is targeted Primarily at Beginners, so if you have more than a few years of Linux experience, this course might not be for you.
Ubuntu Linux Command Line use in bioinformatics for beginner


Check out the detailed breakdown of what’s inside the course

7 Lectures
  • play icon Introduction and Why CLI in Bioinformatics 06:02 06:02
  • play icon CLI and GUI Explanation 03:24 03:24
  • play icon If we already have Graphical user interface system why we should use CLI? 07:07 07:07
  • play icon Short Practical with Programming Language 03:15 03:15
  • play icon Why Would You Use CLI over GUI? 03:44 03:44
  • play icon Foundation behind CLI Shell explanation 07:40 07:40
  • play icon Drawbacks of CLI and GUI 02:53 02:53
Linux Operating System
6 Lectures
Linux Commands with performance
3 Lectures
Bioinformatics Specialized Use of CLI
7 Lectures

Instructor Details

Abdul Rehman ikram

Abdul Rehman ikram

Bioinformatician/Data Scientist /Python Developer

Abdul Rehman is currently a bachelor's student in Government College University Faisalabad: GCUF studying in the bioinformatics department Abdul Rehman is mainly working on the command line operating system for bioinformatics and implementing different pipelines in ubuntu OS for bioinformatics easy access and mainly focusing on the genome-wide study of plants and their contribution to stress and development his ongoing research is mainly on the plants and also working on different projects like App for Leaf detection in Convolutional Neural Network and cryocodex to make courses for the bioinformaticians.

My teaching skills might not be as good as experienced and professional instructors on Udemy who made handsome profits from their courses, but I am sure that I have a sincere passion to teach, broadening my professional networks, and teaching that I love to do in my bioinformatics work.

if you have any queries about any of my work please let me know in my inbox section I'll be happy to answer all of your questions.

That was All Folks!! 

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