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Turbocharging : Basics to Advanced

Created by Palem Vamsi, Last Updated 19-Nov-2020, Language:English

Turbocharging : Basics to Advanced

Detailed overview of Various types of turbocharging

Created by Palem Vamsi, Last Updated 19-Nov-2020, Language:English

What Will I Get ?

  • Basics of Turbocharging


  • Basic mechanical Engineering & IC engines background


Basic classification of IC engines

History of turbocharging ,

Basic working and work flow in the turbocharger

Importance of Intercoolers

Advanatages of intercooling

Types of intercooling

1.Air to Air intercooling

2.Air to liquid intercooling

Types of turbochargers 1.Single 2.Variable geometry 3.Sequential 4.Wastegate 5.Twinscroll 6. Electric Turbo

Trubomatching to the engine

Compressor map reading

Turbofailure and corrective actions

Course Content

Palem Vamsi

Automotive Engine Engineer (IC engine technology)

I am a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering, Masters in Automotive Engine technology from IIT Madras. Worked in reputed organizations like Cummins, Heromotocorp, caterpillar & Mitsubishi. Worked hands-on in Engine R&D roles like Engine testing, Engine design, Engine development & turbo optimization. COnducted online webinars for various subjects; Turbochargers, piston, and valve failure analysis, after treatment, Softskills like time management, leadership skills, QC tools like kaizen,5S, 8D methodology.