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Theory of Computation - Finite Automata | Automata Theory in Hindi

Created by Anchal Kamra, Last Updated 30-Apr-2021, Language:English

Theory of Computation - Finite Automata | Automata Theory in Hindi

Be an Expert in Deterministic Finite Automata ( beginner to expert level in Hindi)

Created by Anchal Kamra, Last Updated 30-Apr-2021, Language:English

What Will I Get ?

  • You will be expert in Deterministic Finite Automata
  • You will be able to understand and answer all the questions of exams like GATE, NET, ISRO on DFA.
  • You will view Computer Science in a different capacity
  • Knowledge of FInite Automata theory will give you understanding of advanced concepts of this subjects like Pushdown Automata and Turing Machine


  • Just an urge to learn will do the magic for you
  • Rest you got me, and i will explain all the variations and concepts of Deterministic Finite Automata


After you complete the course text me on Course Message and I will fix a doubt session with you where you can ask questions about the course. ( Nothing is being marketed in this session).

The theory of Computation is one of the main foundations in the field of Computer Science. This subject is very useful in order to develop a logical mind. As we know Programming/Coding is the core of computer science studies, and trust me understanding of this subject will help you to think logically and strategically while creating the programs...

This course focuses on the first and major part of the theory of computation that is Deterministic Finite Automata (DFA). I have covered all the topics related to DFA like dfa v/s ndfa, Acceptability, construction of FAs, removal of Null Moves, mealy-Moore, and their conversions. There are many variations of Construction of Finite Automata that are generally asked in the competitive exams, i have covered all those variations. 

See as you will be approaching towards the end of this course you will be able to grasp all the concepts and logics that you need to further proceed deeper in this subject with topics like Pushdown Automata, Turing Machines, Linear Bounded Automata.

You will love this course as it is fully equipped and is in HIndi, the National language of India, and is used in some other Asian countries.

Course Content

Anchal Kamra

Assistant Professor teaching CSE Subjects

(Objective: To constantly learn and elevate own standards and parameters of development.) 

I am Anchal Kamra, an Assistant Professor, teaching CSE subjects for the last 4 years at a prestigious University in India. I am currently running a youtube channel and a blog that is focused on computer science subjects only. I am certified and qualified with GATE (four times) and UGC NET. 

I am very passionate about teaching students and making them understand difficult concepts with ease and simplification. I am a self-disciplined, inquisitive, and firmly decisive individual with a passion for training and imparting the most relevant and updated knowledge. 

I have a strong inclination towards taking up complex challenges and coming up with efficient solutions quickly. I also record my video lectures and manage the audio-video quality along with that. I am a versatile being who believes in being progressive. 

I have a positive demeanor and pass the same to my students. I hope you won't regret buying my course.