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The Creative Accountant

Created by Ross Maynard, Last Updated 18-Dec-2020, Language:English

The Creative Accountant

Personal and Professional Problem-Solving Skills to help you improve your effectiveness and expand your horizons

Created by Ross Maynard, Last Updated 18-Dec-2020, Language:English

What Will I Get ?

  • The Three Types of Problem
  • Why most change programmes fail
  • The Mindset for Problem Solving
  • The Critical Problem and how to deal with it
  • The Tame Problem
  • Tools for Tame Problems
  • Wicked Problems
  • A Strategy to Deal with Wicked Problems
  • Tools for Wicked Problems
  • How to be a Change Agent


  • There are no course pre-requisites.


As an accountant you may spend most of your time in the detail – transactions, reports, analysis and so on. 

It’s easy to get our minds stuck in the detail – I know it happens to me. But to be an effective manager, and to develop your career, you need to be able to come out of the wood and see the trees and the wider landscape.

This course – the creative accountant – is about just that: developing your personal and professional skills to be a more creative, more capable problem-solver so that you can improve your effectiveness as a manager, expand your horizons and develop your career.

To progress and grow as a professional you need more than just technical accounting skills. You need to be a creative accountant.

But the term “creative accountant” has become something of a joke! It’s time to take the phrase back; to stop people thinking about cooking the books and to start to make them realise that accountants are creative thinkers and valuable members of any improvement team.

If you think you’ve become slightly too obsessive about the detail and need a bigger picture view to think through issues and solve problems from a broader perspective, then this is the course for you.

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