The Java Course That Starts From 0

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The Java Course That Starts From 0

This course will not only teach you how to code but also how to THINK which 99% courses dont...

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Course Description

  • Once upon a time, my teacher asked me to write a program to check if the input is leap year. 
  • I went to my teacher and asked him "Sir, can you please explain why you wrote if(i%4==0)?". 
  • He told me to get lost saying "I ll never learn programming"
  • Made a channel slidenerd that day and 150000 people learnt programming from it successfully since then
  • Most courses teach you code but dont teach you how to THINK   
    • Why did you write that statement?
    • Why are you calling this function?
    • Given a problem, how do you break it down into parts
    • How do you think about what to write for each part?
    • That is the thought process I am talking about
  • This course teaches you NOT ONLY the syntax of Java completely from scratch but also the thought process behind it.
  • Most courses merely get into the syntax and leave the most important aspect of Java Programming, the thought process
  • But worry not, In this Java course, I ll be doing whawt 99% of the other courses don't.
  • I will take you from SCRATCH where you declare a variable to the stage where you write your own POLYMORPHIC classes without flinching
  • I will turn that brain of yours into a THINKING MACHINE that is capable of coming up with code on its own without referring to what others are doing and for the most part without Googling
  • But do remember, that Googling or stackoverflowing is a very crucial skill to have
  • After all, in production, you are the one who has to fix his/her bugs, no one teaches that


What will you learn in this course:

  • Learn about Data Types. Variables ant Constants
  • Use Type Casting to convert from one data type to another
  • Operators in Java, Numeric, Logical, Relational, Equality With Examples
  • Learn how to use If, If Else, If Else If and Switch Statements
  • Familiarize yourself with For, While and Do While Loops With Examples
  • Learn how to apply Break, Continue Statements With Examples
  • Learn how Strings, StringBuilder and StringBuffer works
  • Learn how Methods and Types of Methods work along with advanced concepts such as Method Overloading, Variable Scope
  • Learn to create single dimensional and multi dimensional arrays with examples
  • Accept input from the user and process it
  • Create flexible Arrays with Array Lists
  • Understand the difference between Value Types and Reference Types With Examples
  • Learn how to use Constructors, Overloading and Inheritance With Examples
  • Understand Static Keywords, Enumerations and Variable Hiding With Examples
  • Completely grasp Polymorphism with amazing Examples


What are the prerequisites for this course?

  • Basic Computer Fundamentals & Terminologies
  • A computer installed with Windows/Linux /OS X
  • Wireless adapter with Monitor Mode support
  • 4GB RAM
  • Binary Decimal Hexadecimal Math
The Java Course That Starts From 0


Check out the detailed breakdown of what’s inside the course

Setup Java
6 Lectures
  • play icon Install Java JDK On Mac 03:05 03:05
  • play icon Install Intellij IDEA On Mac 05:55 05:55
  • play icon Concept: Memory Organization And Data Hierarchy 06:41 06:41
  • play icon Thought Process: Hello World Java 02:48 02:48
  • play icon Example: Hello World Java 06:39 06:39
  • play icon Concept: Steps To Run A Java Program 04:35 04:35
Data Types
4 Lectures
8 Lectures
Conditional Statements
6 Lectures
10 Lectures
5 Lectures
5 Lectures
4 Lectures
Object Oriented Programming Concepts
11 Lectures
Inheritance, Polymorphism, This, Super And Static Keywords
12 Lectures

Instructor Details

Vivek Ramesh

Vivek Ramesh

Founder of slidenerd

Once upon a time, my teacher asked me to write a program to check if the input is leap year. I went to my teacher and asked him "Sir, can you please explain why you wrote if(i%4==0)?". He told me to get lost saying I'll never learn programming

Are you like me whose teacher writes code and never explains why? You have finally come to the right instructor who teaches you now just how to code but also why. 

I have taught 100000+ people so far on my channel slidenerd which is rated as one of the topmost sources in the world to learn Android or IOS and other aspects of mobile development and general programming by several online blogs and forums. I have made several hundred videos on YouTube over the years and many of them are at the top of the search results on YouTube and Google.

I have real world teaching experience and a degree in IT Engineering. with more than 10 years of coding experience. I have won several coding challenges in the meantime. What do you say? we learn the how, what, why behind everything together?

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