The Complete Git & GitHub Course: Beginner to Advanced

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The Complete Git & GitHub Course: Beginner to Advanced

A Full 2020 Practical Guide to Git and GitHub, From Beginner to Expert in Easy Step-By-Step Tutoria

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Course Description

Learn the fundamentals of Version Control through this step-by-step tutorial that will teach you the ins-and-outs of Git. This course is your complete guide to how Git and GitHub work in a professional team environment.

Git is a free and open source Distributed Version Control System (DVCS) designed to handle everything from small to very large projects with speed and efficiency.

Throughout this course, you'll learn about Git's core functionality so you can understand how and why it’s used in organizations. We’ll look into both basic and more advanced features, like branches, pull request, tagging and merging. We'll demonstrate how having a working knowledge of a VCS like Git can be a lifesaver in emergency situations or when debugging. And then we'll explore how to use a VCS to work with others through remote repositories, like the ones provided by GitHub.

Then, we'll explore why GitHub is such a powerful and popular tool among software developers, project managers, team members, designers, and students for its flexibility and control. You’ll see how to manage a software project, and how to utilize Git and GitHub to work effectively as a team.

Finally you’ll examine how to plan, follow and execute a project with Git and GitHub, and then apply those concepts to real-world situations.

What You Will Learn

The course is designed to teach you:

  • How to Install and configure Git.

  • Create and Manage Git repository and Git workflows.

  • Track changes, work with branches, Pull Request and tags.

  • Create, Configure and Manage GitHub Repository.

  • Navigate, Use, and Contribute to open source projects though GitHub.

  • Working with teams on GitHub Projects.

  • And more …

Once you have completed the course, you should be able to immediately start using Git and GitHub to manage your own code.

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What will you learn in this course:

  • Git server administration including setup, user management, and access control for both SSH and HTTP access.
  • Use Git and GitHub efficiently to create and manage your personal and professional projects
  • Create and Manage repositories, pull requests, branching and merging, forking, labels, and much more.
  • Engage the team, work with others, and walk through real-world scenarios.
  • Master the everyday basics of Git with a hands-on, step-by-step project
  • Dive deep in GitHub's main features, including pull requests, issues, Webhooks, wikis, Project setting and much more


What are the prerequisites for this course?

  • Basic computer skills
  • Basic Command Line skills
  • All Needed Software Are Available For Free
The Complete Git & GitHub Course: Beginner to Advanced


Check out the detailed breakdown of what’s inside the course

What Is Git & GitHub & Why You Should Learn them
8 Lectures
  • play icon Welcome to this Course 01:57 01:57
  • play icon What Is Git & GitHub 04:43 04:43
  • play icon Centralized vs Distributed Version Control Systems 02:31 02:31
  • play icon Why You Must Learn Git 06:21 06:21
  • play icon Advantages of Git 03:39 03:39
  • play icon A Summary of Terms and Definitions About Git and GitHub 06:51 06:51
  • play icon Git Terms: Explained
  • play icon Important Notes Before Using Git and GitHub 03:09 03:09
Welcome to GitHub Development Platform.
3 Lectures
Installation of Git on Linux, Mac and Windows
5 Lectures
The Basics of Using Git
9 Lectures
Managing Your Work on GitHub Website
8 Lectures
Everything About Git Configurations
10 Lectures
Managing GitHub Project With SSH
8 Lectures
GitHub Pull Requests
12 Lectures
Branching And Merging From Git
8 Lectures
Mastering Git Stash
7 Lectures
Extended Commands of Everyday Git
5 Lectures
Rebasing - Git
4 Lectures
Tagging - Git
7 Lectures
Git Help & GUI: Graphical User Interface
4 Lectures
GitHub Repository Fundamentals
24 Lectures

Instructor Details

Fettah Ben

Fettah Ben

Microsoft ADFS, IT Manager.

Ben is an IT Administrator Diploma and has built a successful business in coaching, online marketing, Web Development, content marketing, Virtualization, Server Administration and lot of other projects.
In this Profile I share with you my skills, my successful strategies and techniques in different fields with an easy ways that takes you from beginners levels to expert levels.

By taking one of my courses you will be able to get the Full Support and Answers to any of your questions.

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