The Complete CodeIgniter 4 Series with Bootstrap 4+Projects

CodeIgniter 4 step by step with Bootstrap 4 from scratch with advanced concepts like cache and projects

Course Description

Before learning something new, two questions must be asked: why...? how then...?

Why is it necessary to learn Codeigniter 4? I will explain why you must be familiar with Codeigniter 4 and bootstrap 4.

What important features and upgrades will CodeIgniter 4 introduce? If you want to study CodeIgniter 4 in-depth, you are at the correct spot. I will compare each concept to CodeIgniter 3 so that you can easily grasp the differences between CI3 and CI4.

In this series, you will learn how to integrate the world's most comprehensive front-end framework, Bootstrap 4, with CodeIgniter 4.

In this course, I will cover every essential topic; after you have mastered the fundamentals, I will show you how to construct web apps and websites.

I will explain why it is necessary to divide your HTML content into various views and provide some template-related notions. I will also instruct you on the new features of CodeIgniter 4's template.

You will learn how to utilize Helpers, libraries, and the query builder in CodeIgniter 4 and how to develop your application using the MVC (Model View Controller) design pattern. You will learn how to verify your server-side forms, and I will provide some security advice. You will also learn CodeIgniter's practical work with Bootstrap 4 and how to transmit and receive data using AJAX (without page refresh). AJAX uses jQuery to transmit data from the client to the server.

We shall talk about ORM (Object Relational Mapping).

I shall do CRUD operations to comprehend CodeIgniter's core functionality with ease. CodeIgniter 4 will also be used to create a login and registration system.

We constantly use third-party and Admin panel templates throughout project development. Don't worry; I'll show you how to utilize the CodeIgniter 4 third-party templates. Yes, both the third-party templates and the admin panel will be downloaded.

We will also explore how to install and use jQuery plugins in the project.

While working on views, we will explore layouts, and while working on CodeIgniter 4 libraries, we will describe how to utilize the new libraries.

While working on the Model/database, we will explore two tools: Using CodeIgniter's Model and Using Entity Classes. This subject will be studied in depth since it is essential.


  • Build a website from scratch using CodeIgniter
  • Signup System
  • Login system
  • Crud Operation in CodeIgniter
  • Why do you break your HTML content into multiple parts
  • ORM(Object Relational Mapping)
  • How to embed Bootstrap 4
  • How to create front end using ¬†Bootstrap 4
  • How to validate your user while working on Session
  • How to use CodeIgniter libraries, Helpers, Models
  • How to use/implement the MVC approach
  • How to send data using AJAX
  • How to use jQuery and javascript
  • Custom Routes
  • Create Dynamic pages system like WordPress


  • Basic knowledge of Server (XAMPP, WAMP)
  • Basic knowledge of Programming
  • Basic knowledge of CorePHP (PHP4)
  • Basic knowledge of HTML
  • Basic knowledge SQL
  • PHP 5.x is required
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  • Introduction
  • Server Requirements to run codeigniter 4
  • App folder structure in codeigniter 4
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The Complete CodeIgniter 4 Series with Bootstrap 4+Projects
This Course Includes
  • 9.5 hours
  • 60 Lectures
  • Completion Certificate Sample Certificate
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  • Language English
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