The Complete 2023 Python Bootcamp - Automate Anything!

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The Complete 2023 Python Bootcamp - Automate Anything!

Learn the most popular programming language in the world today whilst creating your own applications and games!

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Course Description

Welcome to The Complete Python Bootcamp 2023 - Automate Anything course!

This is arguably the highest quality Python training material you will find on Tutorialspoint. It is easy to follow and it's designed to take you from zero experience to a confident user of Python. So much so that by the end of this course, you will feel confident adding Python to your CV. 

With over 200 high quality training videos spanning 26+ hours, this comprehensive course leaves no stone unturned! This course includes quizzes, tests, coding exercises and assignments to ensure you can apply your learnings in subsequent projects that you embark on. To put your skills to the test, we will tackle more than 10 projects that solve real-world problems!

To start, we will get Python installed on your computer, irrespective of your computer's operating system. Whether you use Linux, MacOS, or Windows, you will be able to follow along at home.

In this course, we cover so many topics, including:

  • Python installation

  • The Command Line

  • Jupyter Notebook

  • Python Comments

  • The print statement

  • Variables

  • Constants

  • Keywords

  • Numbers

  • Strings

  • Lists

  • Dictionaries

  • Tuples

  • Sets

  • Control Flow

  • IF, ELIF and ELSE statements

  • Comparison operators

  • For loops

  • While Loops

  • Nest Loops

  • Break, Continue and Pass keywords

  • enumerate

  • List Comprehensions

  • Dictionary Comprehensions

  • How to use Functions

  • How to create your own Functions

  • Parameters and arguments

  • *args and **kwargs

  • lambda expressions

  • Map and Filter functions

  • Python Scope

  • Accepting and validating user input

  • Object Oriented Programming (OOP)

  • Inheritance

  • Polymorphism

  • Special Methods

  • Modules & Packages

  • How to create your own packages

  • Errors and Exceptions handling

  • Decorators

  • Generators

  • Web Scraping using the requests and BeautifulSoup libraries

  • GUI's using Tkinter

  • Dashboards using plotly and dash

  • Work with CSV files, PDF files and Databases

  • The Collections module

  • Regular Expressions (regex)

  • Timing your Python Code

Not only will you get lifetime access to over 200 high quality video tutorials, but you will also get access to a dedicated support team who is ready to get your understanding back on track, whenever you need it, wherever you are!

There are lots of courses to choose from, and finding the right one can sometimes be difficult. So why choose this course over others? Here are few reasons that come to mind:

  • Creating technical solutions to business problem statements is my full-time job. With over 14 years of experience, I have learnt what works and what does not work in an organisation when it comes to skilling up. I have consolidated this experience and focussed on creating video content that explains fundamental features that will add huge value to you personally as well as your firm

  • The course is constantly updated with new material to ensure you are supplemented with the most recent developments

  • This course is delivered with precision in mind. Videos are targeted at showcasing specific elements that can be tackled in isolation or as part of a well thought through journey

  • You are presented with high quality video material, tested with quizzes in every section, provided with tips and tricks to improve your Python experience and introduced to articles that will help grow your knowledge to the next level

So what are you waiting for? Advance your skillset today and learn one of the most sought after skillsets in any industry. This course will leave you feeling confident in your ability to tackle any problem statement you face in the future. 

It's nearly 2023. Python is a language that you must have on your CV to stand out in many fields such as AI/ML and data analysis or you'll be left behind as the industry moves forward. Being able to create technical solutions to problems is a vital part in any quest for improved decision making and Python is a great enabler to help you do this. I am here to help you understand it all.

This is a course designed for those who have not touched Python before to those who want a refresher on advanced topics such as control flow, loops, functions, web scraping and much more! The course is designed and presented in an easy to understand fashion and I hope you find the learning style engaging and easy to follow.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. I am here to make learning Python a fun and enjoyable process and you'll soon ask yourself why you didn't do it sooner. I love my job and I love seeing others excel when they get to put their newly found Python knowledge into practice. Sign up today and see how rewarding using Python can be!

Enrol today and kickstart your Python journey... I hope to see you inside the course!


What will you learn in this course:

Upon completing this course:

  1. You will be able to use Python to automate and solve problems you face in your own work or personal projects
  2. You will learn how to work with the Numbers datatype
  3. You will learn how to work with the String datatype including common String methods
  4. You will learn how to work with the List data structure including common List methods
  5. You will learn how to work with the Dictionary data structure including common Dictionary methods
  6. You will learn how to work with the Tuple data structure including common Tuple methods
  7. You will learn how to work with the Set data structure including common Set methods
  8. You will learn about comparison operators in control flow
  9. You will learn how to create conditional statements using if, elif, and else statements
  10. You will learn how to use for loops
  11. You will learn how to use while loops (including the break, continue and pass keywords)
  12. You will learn how to utilise nested loops
  13. You will learn how to use List comprehensions
  14. You will learn how to use Dictionary comprehensions
  15. You will learn how to use functions in Python
  16. You will learn how to create your own functions in Python
  17. You will learn how to use parameters and arguments in functions
  18. You will learn about *args and **kwargs
  19. You will learn how to use lambda expressions
  20. You will learn how to use the Map and Filter functions
  21. You will learn about scope in Python
  22. You will learn how to accept and validate user input
  23. You will learn about OOP (Object Oriented Programming)
  24. You will learn how to create Python classes
  25. You will learn how to create Class attributes
  26. You will learn how to create Class methods
  27. You will learn about Python inheritance and polymorphism
  28. You will learn how to use Special Methods
  29. You will learn how to use modules and packages
  30. You will learn how to create your own modules and packages
  31. You will learn how to address Python errors and incorporate exceptions handling
  32. You will learn about Python decorators
  33. You will learn about Python generators
  34. You will learn how to use Web Scraping capabilities using Python with step by step code along
  35. You will learn how to create Graphical User Interfaces using the Tkinter library
  36. You will learn how to create dashboards using Plotly and Dash
  37. You will learn how to work with different file formats such as CSV, PDF and databases
  38. You will learn about the Collections module
  39. You will learn how to use Regular Expressions (regex)
  40. You will learn how to time your code in Python
  41. You will apply your learnings in 10+ projects!


What are the prerequisites for this course?


1. An appetite and motivation to learn how to code using the Python programming language

2. No programming experience needed. You will learn everything you need to know.

The Complete 2023 Python Bootcamp - Automate Anything!


Check out the detailed breakdown of what’s inside the course

3 Lectures
  • play icon Welcome to The Python Bootcamp 02:57 02:57
  • play icon What is Python - Our First Program! 04:48 04:48
  • play icon What you can expect in this course... 03:58 03:58
Installation & Set Up
5 Lectures
Things to know before we get started!
7 Lectures
5 Lectures
9 Lectures
14 Lectures
8 Lectures
9 Lectures
11 Lectures
Control Flow
7 Lectures
13 Lectures
12 Lectures
Adding interaction with input
3 Lectures
Project 1 - Number guessing Game
3 Lectures
Project 2 - Shopping list
2 Lectures
Project 3 - Fitness App
2 Lectures
Project 4 - Rock, Paper, Scissors
2 Lectures
Project 5 - Hangman
2 Lectures
Project 6 - Noughts & Crosses
2 Lectures
Object Oriented Programming
12 Lectures
Modules and Packages
10 Lectures
Errors and exceptions handling
6 Lectures
The Las Vegas Casino Project - 21
6 Lectures
Python Decorators
6 Lectures
Python Generators
6 Lectures
Introduction to Web Scraping with Python
11 Lectures
Creating a User Interface - Introducing TKinter
13 Lectures
Restaurant Management System Project
2 Lectures
EXTRA SECTION - Creating Dashboards using Plotly and Dash
18 Lectures
Working with Databases, CSV files and PDF files
5 Lectures
The Collections Module
6 Lectures
Regular Expressions (regex)
5 Lectures
Timing your Python Code
1 Lectures
1 Lectures

Instructor Details

Dean Taylor

Dean Taylor

Hi! I'm Dean - a keen data scientist with a passion for data analytics & visualisation. I've spent the last 11 years working at some of the largest Banking organisations in the world including UBS, Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank and have implemented some of the most widely used reports in the organisation... using various languages and software such as SQL, Python, Alteryx & Tableau.

Chartered Accountant by trade, I was fortunate enough to have crossed paths and learnt from some of the best minds in the industry, and my eyes were opened to analytical capabilities I never knew were possible.

As well as having a passion for data analytics, I strongly believe that sharing knowledge can only improve the world we live in. I have witnessed endless hours of time being spent in Excel files, inefficiencies that cost organisations millions each year. With simple data cleansing and visualisation techniques that can be learnt by anyone, a 100+ hour process can be reduced to seconds. And it doesn't require a whole IT department to do it. It requires you, and an appetite to obtain a new skill.

I have conducted multiple internal bootcamps for colleagues and peers around the world, showcasing the truly remarkable things that can be done with data analytics platforms and programming languages.

Whether you work in Retail, Real Estate, Music, Automotive, Leisure, Healthcare, Tourism, Financial Services, Agriculture, we all want our data sourcing to be quick, visualisations to be dynamic and insights to be instant and that is exactly what I focus on when designing these courses. You are supported through your whole journey and I want you to walk away with a completely new attitude towards data science and an appetite to learn even more. 

We are now in 2022. Using Excel to conduct analysis and gain insights into data is a thing of the past. Everybody should be in a position where they can mine data comfortably leveraging applications and languages designed to make life simple.

For years, I have made it my mission to share the wonderful world of data analytics & visualisation and I'm really excited to finally share my expertise with you here at Tutorialspoint.

If you can't yet tell, I'm extremely passionate about all things Data Science - so join me today and let me show you why!

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