The Alteryx Masterclass A real world Case Study for beginners

The best way to learn Alteryx with real world example


   Alteryx, Data & Analytics, Data Science and AI ML, Data Analysis, Business

Language - English Published on 07/2022

  • Alteryx - Lets explore the interface
  • Alteryx - Introduction to our case study
  • Importing data into Alteryx
  • Data enrichment in Alteryx - joining Product information
  • Alteryx - datatype conversions and formulas
  • Data enrichment and tip to speed up your worklow
  • Alteryx - Calculations and saving our cleaned dataset for visualization
  • Alteryx challenge - Aggregations, Groupings and product sales insights
  • Alteryx challenge - Calculating the share of revenue
  • Alteryx challenge - Find out the first day of sales for each product
  • Alteryx challenge - Find top 3 states in each sales area by revenue
  • Alteryx challenge - Classify our sales managers
  • Alteryx challenge - pivoting our data for our marketing department
  • Alteryx challenge - cummulative aka running total sales above 100 million
  • Final words
  • Download all the resources to follow along


The Alteryx Masterclass A Real World Case Study For Beginners

A case study the fun and easy way!

You are interested in data analytics and business intelligence? Great! You have chosen not only a highly rewarding profession but also one of the most interesting ones of the future. Data is the oil of our century and getting the right insights at the right time will be the key competitive advantage for businesses.

This is why you are here. Companies need highly skilled people to help them analyzing their data. During this process the data aggregation and cleaning is the most challenging part. 80% of the time of data analysts and data scientists are spend with data preparation. This can be cumbersome but is crucial to derive valuable insights. Because:

"Trash in trash out!"

This is why we need to explore fast and efficient ways to prepare our data which we then want to visualize in powerful tools like Tableau or Power BI.

And now the most interesting question? How exactly can we achieve this? What are the best tools to do that, which do not require extreme programming skills?

Meet Alteryx! One of the best ETL / data preparation tools on the market. This awesome tool with an "Apple flair design" and drag and drop functionality will help us to prepare and combine even the worst kinds of data sources

This is the first of 3 courses (second one Alteryx MasterClass - lets get started, third one Alteryx Masterclass - solving real world business challenges)

Here we start  from scratch and a fully functional version of the software can be downloaded for free. The only thing you need to bring with you is your personal interest and willingness to learn in a data driven age.

If that sound like you then..

Let's dive into the case study together

Are you ready? 

What Will I Get ?

  • New job opportunities knock on your door

  • You will love Alteryx as much as I do

  • You can easily prepare your data in advance to visualize it later in Tools like Tableau or Power BI

  • You extend your data analytics knowledge

  • You can do ETL without coding

  • You can clean and shape your data the way you need it


  • Your interest in data preparation and data analytics, visual analytics is key!

  • This crashcourse starts from scratch - we learn the basics and build a solid foundation during the case study

  • Alteryx Designer must be downloaded (fully functional trial version available for free)

  • Tableau Desktop is optional (but not required)

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