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Language - English Published on 08/2022


Would like to acquire a mining skill that pays well. To be able to estimate the resources of a deposit using the best tool available and the best method. And have full control over the results of your estimate? Then this is for you: Evaluating a deposit's mineral reserves is a key step in mineral exploration. Because it constitutes the basis on which the feasibility studies will be carried out. Which study will determine whether or not the deposit is worth mining. Surpac is one of the best tool that can help you do mining estimation better. But such expertise with Surpac is rare. Because there is hardly any training on the subject. And the few rare training seminars on the subjects an optimum level to get by. And to solve this problem, we have created a training course just for you. It is a comprehensive training that takes you step by step on how to assess the resources of a deposit with Surpac in an easy to understand way.

What Will I Get ?

  • Create a geological database and display it as a boreholes

  • Create a blockmodel: 3D simulation of the deposit

  • Evaluate the average grade, volume and tonnage of the deposit

  • Make a section, cross section of the blockmodel

  • Dissociate the exploitable mineralized blocks and the sterile blocks


  • Have a computer or a Mac

  • Be connected on internet

  • You should install by your one Surpac

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