Strength of materials & Structures from Basic to advance

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Strength of materials & Structures from Basic to advance

Learn more on Strength of materials & Structures calculation by AutoCAD and Excel program

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Course Description

Hello everyone 

In this course, you will learn in detail how you can do all engineering calculations in second with good accuracy.

as we all know MS Excel or Google sheet has so many formulas but nobody can learn all formulas or don't need to be learn all formulas  because all formulas have divided into so many different categories means like excel formulas for an accountant , excel formulas for data analysis, formulas for engineers 

so if you are an engineer then you need to calculate so many thing like 

I) Strength of material & Structures

you can do this all calculation with excel formulas in few second and most important if some calculation base change then you can edit in formulas figure or you can make your own formulas with your preset 

so in simple way this course increase your productivity and accuracy  

About instructor

This course is designed by an engineer who has total of 30 year experience of engineering and 15 years of experience of excel in the real-life project, not just theatrical knowledge  


What will you learn in this course:

  • Professional engineers can do all calculations related to machine design, Thermodynamics
  • Hydraulics engineering Structural engineering, Cost estimations & any thing they need to make the work to consume less time & work become easier.


What are the prerequisites for this course?

  • It is necessary to know basic computer usage.
Strength of materials & Structures from Basic to advance


Check out the detailed breakdown of what’s inside the course

Introduction to google sheet
43 Lectures
  • play icon Lesson-01 This chapter teaches you how to start the program 31:12 31:12
  • play icon Lesson 2 Using a key board for certain operation 44:58 44:58
  • play icon Lesson 03 Merging Rows & columns 29:15 29:15
  • play icon Lesson 04 Hiding rows & columns 36:25 36:25
  • play icon Lesson 4.1 Hiding rows & columns 34:07 34:07
  • play icon Lesson 05 Using formulas & Functions in google sheet 30:00 30:00
  • play icon Lesson 5.1 Using formulas & Functions in google sheet. 31:45 31:45
  • play icon Lesson 5.2 Using formulas & Functions in google sheet 41:17 41:17
  • play icon Lesson 06 MOMENT OF INERTIA OF AN I-SECTION Rail Section 31:47 31:47
  • play icon Lesson 6.1 MOMENT OF INERTIA OF AN I-SECTION Rail Section 32:26 32:26
  • play icon Lesson 6.2 Beam bending moment & stress calculation - using google sheet 40:45 40:45
  • play icon Lesson 6.3- Shear force Diagram & Related topics 36:51 36:51
  • play icon Lesson 6.4 Deflection of a beam under load & related topic 40:31 40:31
  • play icon Lesson 6.5 Types of beams & their properties in general 32:26 32:26
  • play icon Lesson 6.6 Conjugate beam -deflection of beams 37:24 37:24
  • play icon Lesson 6.7 Continued from {Lesson 6.6} Conjugate beam & Fixed end moment. 28:46 28:46
  • play icon Lesson 6.8 Forces on structures 26:04 26:04
  • play icon Lesson 6.9 Continued from Lesson 6.8 03:55 03:55
  • play icon Lesson 6.10 Metal properties, Def Stress & Strain, young's modulus, Stress / Strain curve & properties 36:55 36:55
  • play icon Lesson 6.11 Stress & strain calculations & applications 31:57 31:57
  • play icon Lesson 6.12 Stress & strain calculations & applications 30:14 30:14
  • play icon Lesson 6.13 Thermal stresses/Temperature stresses 29:48 29:48
  • play icon Lesson 6.14 Thermal stresses Continued 06:56 06:56
  • play icon Lesson 6.15 Shear Stresses, Strain, Volumetric Stress & Strain 39:40 39:40
  • play icon Lesson 6.16 Poisson's Ratios ,Isometric property of material, Relations between E,K, & G 37:51 37:51
  • play icon Lesson 6.17 Continued from Lesson-06(16) ;Here we derive a relation between E, G 11:42 11:42
  • play icon Lesson 6.18 Some examples/solutions related to Stresses/Strains 30:57 30:57
  • play icon Lesson 6.19 Some examples/solutions related to Stresses/Strains 19:36 19:36
  • play icon Lesson 6.20 Plane stresses -Their properties & variations 42:11 42:11
  • play icon Lesson 6.21 Plane stresses - Mohr's Circle 21:16 21:16
  • play icon Lesson 6.22 Plane stresses - Mohr's Circle Problem 29:48 29:48
  • play icon Lesson 6.23 Bending stresses & shear stresses in Beams 36:02 36:02
  • play icon Lesson 6.24 Bending stresses & shear stresses in Beams 36:22 36:22
  • play icon Lesson 6.25 Application, Drawing BM diagram, Drawing Bending stress distribution -All related to a beam 33:56 33:56
  • play icon Lesson 6.26 Continued Lesson-06-25.Application:SF Diagram, Calculating Bending Stresses 01:00:49 01:00:49
  • play icon Lesson 6.27 Continued from LESSON-6-26.Application: Shear stress distribution-All related to a beam. 34:06 34:06
  • play icon Lesson 6.28 Continued from LESSON-06-2. Application: Deflection of a beam. analytical methods 50:59 50:59
  • play icon Lesson 6.29 Continued from LESSON-06-28. Deflection of a beam. analytical methods 37:48 37:48
  • play icon Lesson 6.30 Continued from LESSON-06-(29). Deflection of a beam. analytical methods 01:07:17 01:07:17
  • play icon Lesson 6.31 A few Problems-Beams and structures. Strain energy methods , virtual work and. Castigliono's First theorem-Related to Strain energy related definitions & theorems 54:30 54:30
  • play icon Lesson 6.32 Strain energy methods , and a few problems on application of Strain energy 40:39 40:39
  • play icon Lesson 6.33 Strain energy methods, and a few problems on application of Strain energy.(Continued lesson-06(32)) 35:14 35:14
  • play icon Lesson 6.34 Application of Castigliono's Theorem; A few problems. Application of Castigliono's Theorem for Moments 54:42 54:42

Instructor Details



Sanjeev is Mechanical engineer with experience 20 years in design using software like Solidworks and Catia and had certified as an expert in using Solidworks and he is a member of the community of professional user of Excel

worked in many positions like manger of  Mechanical design engineers and instructor at Dasco  Company.

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