Stock Trading Course: Basic of Stock Market for Beginners

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Stock Trading Course: Basic of Stock Market for Beginners

Welcome to Indian stock market course for beginners, this stock trading designed through view point of India, in Hindi

updated on icon Updated on Sep, 2023

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Course Description

Welcome to Indian stock market course for beginners, this stock trading designed through view point of India, in Hindi.

I am sure you might have come across jargons like NIFTY, SENSEX, MCap, Short selling, IPO and so many more. These concepts seem scary but are actually very easy to understand if they are taught in a practical manner with loads of examples. This course contains 60+ concepts that are helpful for beginners and it is also useful for learners from a non-finance background.

  • Busting the myths about the Stock market

  • How to analyse an IPO?

  • How to use Money Control?

  • BSE vs NSE

  • Types of Orders

  • Short Selling

  • Circuit filters

  • Contract note practical

  • Market Capitalisation

  • Nifty Composition & Calculation

  • Pledging of Shares

  • World Indices

  • Impact of Elections, War & other Global events on Stock Market

  • Basics of Fundamental Analysis

  • Basics of Technical Analysis

  • How should I start investing?

  • and many more.

This will be a recording of an in-class session. So, you will surely get a feel of learning in a lively environment in spite of learning online!

Additional Benefits:

Along with the precise knowledge, you will get the following benefits.

  1. Certificate after course completion

  2. Lifetime access to this course

  3. 24/7 my support lifetime

  4. 30 days money back guarantee backed by Tutorialspoint.

So, I hope you will enjoy this course and learn everything that is important to start trading in stock market. So do enroll inside this amazing course, Stock Trading Course: Basic of Stock Market for Beginners.

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Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who is interested to learn Stock Trading / Stock Market for Beginners


What will you learn in this course:

  • Busting the Myths of stock market

  • What is a Stock & stock market

  • Meaning of BSE vs NSE

  • How many exchanges are there in India?

  • Creating Demat & start trading

  • Global Stock Markets

  • What are the types of Capital Markets?

  • Primary Markets - IPO

  • What are the types of IPO? Book Building Issue

  • Secondary Markets - Moneycontrol overview

  • Price Difference in same stock on BSE and NSE

  • What is Gap Up/ Gap Down?

  • What are Corporate Actions?

  • Stock Market Timings

  • Share Certificates, Contract Note, Charges Involved

  • Types of orders - Stop Loss, AMO, GTT Order

  • What is Short Selling?

  • What is an Auction market?

  • What are Circuit Breakers?

  • What are Circuit Filters?

  • Pledging of shares

  • What is Free- Float Market cap?

  • Nifty composition & rebalancing

  • How to start investing?


What are the prerequisites for this course?

  • Internet access

  • Eager to learn

  • Desperate to earn

Stock Trading Course: Basic of Stock Market for Beginners


Check out the detailed breakdown of what’s inside the course

Stock Market Myths & Concepts
16 Lectures
  • play icon Stock Trading Course: Basic of Stock Market for Beginners (Promo) 07:44 07:44
  • play icon Myth 1 regarding stock trading 18:15 18:15
  • play icon Myth 2 regarding stock trading 12:03 12:03
  • play icon What is Shares / Equity / Stocks ? 22:25 22:25
  • play icon What is LTCG in Detail ? 08:43 08:43
  • play icon What is Dividend explained in Detail? 12:13 12:13
  • play icon What is Promoter & Face Value ? 18:25 18:25
  • play icon Face Value Key Points 11:57 11:57
  • play icon Face Value vs Market Value 27:28 27:28
  • play icon Myth 3 regarding stock trading 11:12 11:12
  • play icon Basic Financial Analysis 19:13 19:13
  • play icon Stock Split Explained 31:40 31:40
  • play icon What is Bonus Share? 20:41 20:41
  • play icon Benefits to Investors 12:27 12:27
  • play icon Myth 4 regarding reowned companies 07:20 07:20
  • play icon Myth 5 regarding 25 days money double 07:49 07:49
Primary & Secondary Market
4 Lectures
Stock Market World
8 Lectures
Order Stocks on Price & Quantity
3 Lectures
Short Selling & Auction
3 Lectures
Circuit Filters / Band / Breaker
2 Lectures
Market Capitalization & Indices
5 Lectures
Future & Option
1 Lectures
IPO & Other Miscellaneous
6 Lectures

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