Start Your Own ChatGPT AI Business & Build Passive Income

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Start Your Own ChatGPT AI Business & Build Passive Income

Build your own Artificial Intelligence chatbot like ChatGPT inside WordPress and build passive income within your Site!

updated on icon Updated on Nov, 2023

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Lectures -13

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Duration -2.5 hours


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Course Description

Welcome to our course, "Start Your Own ChatGPT AI Business & Build Passive Income"!

In today's world, chatbots have become super important for businesses, organizations, and personal projects. They help us communicate better with computers, saving time and making things easier. But creating a chatbot can be overwhelming, especially if you don't know how to code.

In this course, "Start Your Own ChatGPT AI Business & Build Passive Income", you will learn how to make your own smart chatbot step by step. We will use WordPress and Elementor, which are easy-to-use tools.

We'll start by learning the basics of making a chatbot on a WordPress website. We'll talk about the important things like collecting information and training the chatbot. Then, we'll go into WordPress and Elementor, where we'll learn how to set up a website and design a chatbot that's easy to use, just by dragging and dropping elements.

To make our chatbot special, we'll use some recommended plugins. These plugins aren't very expensive and they will help us create a chatbot like ChatGPT. We might even be able to make money with it!

And that's not all! You'll also find out how to connect your chatbot to a really smart AI called OpenAI's GPT-3. This will make your chatbot talk like a real person and understand what users say.

By the end of this course, you'll know how to make your own AI chatbot, similar to ChatGPT, without needing to learn how to code. Don't miss this chance to learn something new and take your project to the next level.

By implenting chatbot inside your wordpress site you can monetize this as service and charge for this, inside this course, we have also included how to do this as well, in this way you will Start Your Own ChatGPT AI Business & Build Passive Income.


What will you learn in this course:

  • Create your own ChatGPT like ChatBot

  • Design ChatGPT like ChatBot with Elementor

  • Without coding create ChatGPT like ChatBot

  • Build ChatGPT like ChatBot in WordPress

  • Build Passive Income on Your own Website


What are the prerequisites for this course?

  • Eager to Learn

  • Internet Connection

  • $37 Paid Plugin Required

  • Must have stripe to receive money

Start Your Own ChatGPT AI Business & Build Passive Income


Check out the detailed breakdown of what’s inside the course

Start Your Own ChatGPT AI Business & Build Passive Income
13 Lectures
  • play icon Start Your Own ChatGPT AI Business & Build Passive Income (Promo) 02:54 02:54
  • play icon Download Resources 01:29 01:29
  • play icon Setting Up Web Hosting 16:53 16:53
  • play icon Setting Up Domain Name 16:53 16:53
  • play icon Setting Up SSL Certificate 05:20 05:20
  • play icon Setting Up WordPress Website 06:27 06:27
  • play icon Setting Up Business Email 08:27 08:27
  • play icon WordPress Settings & Configuration 25:31 25:31
  • play icon Main Plugin Configuration 08:01 08:01
  • play icon Setting Up Plans For Passive Income 12:47 12:47
  • play icon Creating Pages & Customizing It 18:56 18:56
  • play icon Setting Up Menus & Footer 11:48 11:48
  • play icon Website Design & Customization 25:18 25:18

Instructor Details

Being Commerce

Being Commerce

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