Stakeholder Analysis

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Language - English Published on 09/2022


This course covers one of the main topics of business analysis: stakeholder analysis. A listing and detailed description of all the possible stakeholders' roles for any project is included in the course. Stakeholders are depicted in the animated amused way for easier memorization.

All the information is BABOK based. So besides the Business Analysts world proved data it includes an explanation of "Stakeholders" concept in Business Analysis Core Concept Model, given by BABOK.

The course explains when in the project life cycle the stakeholder analysis should be carried out. The place of stakeholder analysis activities among six business analysis knowledge areas is determined and described. Only stakeholder analysis-related tasks are covered in detail with the proper explanation of each input, output and element.

Besides this, the most popular stakeholder analysis techniques are covered in detail. They are Organizational Modelling, Roles and Permissions Matrix, Stakeholder List, Map or Persona. Each technique has its description, elements and examples.

And the last but not less important topic covered in the course is Stakeholder Analysis in Agile Perspectives.

Because of the fact, that all the information is BABOK based, this course can certainly be used for ECBA, CCBA or CBAP exams preparation.

Besides this, it will be useful for Business Analysts of all levels, who want to be confident in Stakeholder Analysis activities in their day-to-day work.

What Will I Get ?

  • Define all the stakeholders on your project, not omitting someone important
  • Use Stakeholder Analysis techniques
  • Define Stakeholder Collaboration approach
  • Study BABOK structure and several tasks for easier exam preparation


  • Business Analysis basis are needed for understanding main definitions. Bot no deep knowledge are required.

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Stakeholder Analysis
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