Softball - Champions

World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC) is the highest governing body of Softball that is organized all over the world. Apart from this, all participating nations have their governing bodies too, that decides the rules for the game. Some of the important internationally recognized softball championships are as follows −

  • Summer Olympics
  • World Championship
  • Asian Games
  • World Indoor Championship
  • Commonwealth games

Softball is played in many countries and there are many champions who have helped their team to win the match. The champions of the softball with their brief description is as follows −

Alex Hugo

Alex Hugo is a softball player who was raised in Olathe, Kansas. She showed her interest in softball at the age of three. In her childhood, she began to take part in local tournaments. In high school, Michael Allen coached her. He also took part in college-level tournaments. She then entered freshman season where she hit 341 runs which include 25 homers and 64 RBIs.

She has also won All Americans Owner two times. In her first two seasons in Georgia in 2014, she hit 367 runs which included 47 home runs 137 RBIs. In the senior team she could hit only 310 which included 310 with eight home runs.

Bianka Bell

Bianka Bell is a softball player who has started her career in 2013. In her Freshman season, she joined three teams which are All-South Region Second Team, All-SEC Second Team, and All-Louisiana First team. In 2010, she won SEC and Louisiana of the year award.

In this season, she has an average of 0.347 where she hit 25 home runs and 50 RBIs. In the Sophomore season also she performed well. In the starting of the season, she was the starter of 62 games and has the average of 0.666.

Cheridan Hawkins

Cheridan Hawkins is a left hand pitcher in USA national team. At the starting of her career, she was a member of All-Pacific Region First Team, All-Pac 12, and All-Pac-12 Freshman team. In this season she made 19 starts and appeared in 31 games. She was ranked five in NCAA and 18 in ERA.

After that she took part in many games of this season and sometimes ranked two and sometimes three. In 2014 Sophomore season, she appeared 50 times and was the starter in 36 games. Now she is a part of senior team but also played for junior national team in 2016.

Farish Beard

Farish Beard is a softball player and is a pitcher in her team. In her student life, she played softball for Fairhope High School in which she led her team in three tournaments. In 2011, her team got third position in Alabama State Tournament. In 2012 season, she appeared 13 times and was starter in nine of them.

In 2013, she made 28 appearances in which she was the starter for 24 times. She pitched the ball very well and allowed only 34 runs and 67 hits. In 2014, she was the winner of 2014 USA Softball Collegiate Player-of-the-Year award.

Katiyana Mauga

Katiyana Mauga is a softball player from USA who is a right-hand batsman. She is the winner of Freshman of the Year award in 2004. She was one of the ten finalists for NFCA Freshman of the Year. She has been ranked fourth in NCAA in the grand slam season.

She has also won USA Softball Player of the Week award as she struck down three batsmen giving only 46 runs and NFCA Player of the week award as she has struck four batsmen by giving just six runs. In 2015 season, she performed very well and struck many batsmen by giving less runs.