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Servlets and JSP Tutorial For Beginners!

Created by Karthikeya T, Last Updated 14-Oct-2020, Language:English

Servlets and JSP Tutorial For Beginners!

Learn servlets and JSP technologies the easy way. Enter the world of J2EE

Created by Karthikeya T, Last Updated 14-Oct-2020, Language:English

What Will I Get ?

  • Have solid foundation to create Java Enterprise applications
  • Become familiar with Java Networking Concepts
  • Understand the usage of Servlets and JSP's with practical examples
  • Have solid foundation for all modern day frameworks


  • Must be familiar with Java Programming (Take a look at my awesome course on Java Programming)
  • Must have some basic understanding of HTML


Servlets  and JSP are the backbone of all modern day Web Applications!

In this course, we will start by talking about some network component and we understand the basics of networking with simple real world examples. And then we jump in to some real good examples on network programming.

Here, we will take examples of socket communication through TCP/IP, UDP, Broadcasting, Multi casting, and many more examples.

By, now you must gain foundation knowledge to explore about servlets and JSP's and to enter the world of JavaEE!

Learning about Servlets and JSP, lay a great foundation for learning all modern day frameworks. This course is almost like a prerequisite for learning modern day Java Frameworks as they internally relay on these technologies. This course will surely will make your Java journey smooth without any glitches.

We will start by talking about the basics of servlet's and JSP with some real good example programs and cover everything that you need to know on Servelet and JSP technologies!

Join us!

Who this course is for:

  • People who want to get started with developing Enterprise applications using Java
  • People who want to learn servlet and JSP

Course Content

Karthikeya T

Java Technologies Expert

I have well over a decade of experience in the Industry and to the most part, I've work on Java and Related technologies. I've switched between many jobs, experienced many cultures and technologies and been mentoring many projects since then. One of the things that I am absolutely passionate about, is 'Teaching'. I just love it. Because, my students like my way of teaching. I can explain very complex concepts in easy to understand manner.