Serverless Development with AWS Lambda and NodeJS

Learn to develop serverless app from ground up using AWS Lambda nd NodeJS

Course Description

Since Serverless Development allows developers to build and run applications or functions without thinking about servers. It helps developers by eliminating various tasks such as patching, OS maintenance, server or cluster provisioning and capacity provisioning.

All the apps created are in stateless compute containers which are event-triggered, ephemeral and fully managed by the cloud provider. Already big names like Netflix, Reuters, Telenor and others are using it because it is cost effective, provides agility and efficiency along with advantages such as auto-scaling, zero-server management, faster set up and so much more. Because of all the benefits, now this concept is gaining significant popularity leading to a high number of jobs having salaries as high as $75,000

What you should take this course?

It’s true that there are already numerous online tutorials which are available on the serverless development, but this online tutorial is taught by one of the world’s renown expert on serverless development.

The expert teaches you various sections revolving around serverless development using AWS and Node.js which is enough for any newbie to become an expert. If you have no prior experience, then don’t worry, this online tutorial helps you understand all the concepts in the most easiest way possible. 

It unfolds with the basics like AWS sign-up process then help you create your first “Hello World” application. Furthermore, it gives you the tour of AWS Lambda and then you will learn to create API endpoints by using different services like S3, Rekognition and others.

To save you from all the mishaps, it also tells you about all the circumstances where you can use Serverless and where you should avoid it. Lastly, you will learn some of the most advanced concepts like memory management, local environment setup, Lambda catching, building Amazon Alexa skill with Lambda and so much more.

Still confused? Begin your journey to learn Serverless Development with AWS Lambda& Node.js to resolve all your confusion and become the expert today!


  • AWS account setup
  • AWS Lambda & Node.js
  • AWS Lambda navigation
  • Cloud 9 IDE
  • Data storage
  • Security in AWS
  • Building projects and so much more!


  • Basic knowledge of JavaScript or Node will be helpful in completing the course
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    balaji papepalli

    Some of Contents are not Clear

Serverless Development with AWS Lambda and NodeJS
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  • 44 Lectures
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