Sell Books in Amazon, Google Play, Apple Book, Kobo like Pro

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Sell Books in Amazon, Google Play, Apple Book, Kobo like Pro

A Complete Online Publishing Guide to Generating Passive Income and Marketing on Top Marketplaces and Social Media

updated on icon Updated on Nov, 2023

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Course Description

This video course will will give you hand-on examples. By providing hands-on examples, the instructor is likely demonstrating how to apply the concepts being taught in real-world scenarios.

Online book publishing Sell Books in Amazon, Google Play Books, Apple Books, Kobo as Pro- How to publish your books on the 4 big marketplaces and Marketing Strategies beyond it using social media etc.  

Online book publishing refers to the process of publishing a book digitally and making it available for purchase or free distribution through various online platforms. This approach to publishing has become increasingly popular in recent years due to the convenience and accessibility it provides to both authors and readers.

There are several online book publishing platforms available for authors to use. Some of the popular ones include Amazon KDP, Apple Books, Google Play Books, Rakuten Kobo or simply Kobo and Barnes & Noble Press. These platforms allow authors to upload their manuscripts, create book covers, and set pricing and distribution options. They also offer a range of marketing and promotional tools to help authors reach a wider audience.

One of the key benefits of online book publishing is that it offers authors greater control over their work, as they can publish their books independently without relying on traditional publishing companies. It also allows authors to reach a global audience, as e-books can be purchased and downloaded from anywhere in the world.

Online book publishing is also eco-friendly, as it eliminates the need for physical printing, shipping, and storage. This reduces paper waste and carbon footprint associated with traditional publishing methods.

Overall, online book publishing is a great option for authors who want to publish their work and reach a wider audience without the barriers of traditional publishing methods.


What will you learn in this course:

Publish your book digitally with online book publishing platforms like Amazon KDP, Apple Books, Google Play Books, and more. Enjoy greater control, global reach, and eco-friendliness, while reaching a wider audience with marketing tools. Say goodbye to traditional publishing barriers!


What are the prerequisites for this course?

  • Who have basic computer knowledge
  • Who is interest in creating passive income
  • Who is interest in creating books


Sell Books in Amazon, Google Play, Apple Book, Kobo like Pro


Check out the detailed breakdown of what’s inside the course

2 Lectures
  • play icon Introduction 01:52 01:52
  • play icon 01 How to Create and sell Books in Aamzon Introduction 04:53 04:53
Wrote a book is only half done, what's more?
9 Lectures
Marketing! Mr. Market is fair to all smart players. Work hard and play smart.
7 Lectures

Instructor Details



“Share with You What We Know Best and the Best We know”

David Yao, the founder of  LegooMandarin dot com and Educational Video Courses Online ( Edeo), born in china, resides in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, holding Master degree from University Malaya, has 26 years’ experience in mandarin teaching for foreigners and creating a SYSTEM (more than 200 mandarin courses ) designed for foreigners to study Chinese as secondary language. As he passed ACCA many years ago and continue his PhD. in UM on Computer Science and Finance, he is glad to share his experience in IT, Accounting and Finance as well as Tai Chi, which he practices for almost 30 years. He wants to contribute more to our society with all his "Over Qualifications".

Tai Chi Fitness  I will show the essence of Tai Chi and Fitness. 

Tai Chi Fitness

I was born in the central China Henan Province, 30 KM north to Chen Jia Gou, native place of Chen Style Tai Chi and 30 KM south to Shao Lin Temple, another world famous martial art born place. Martial arts gene maybe in bone!   

I learned Chen Style Tai Chi 30 year ago with Master Professor. Cuan Sui Tan, a close friend of Master Wang Xi An, Jack Ma's teacher. 

Practice Tai Chi for many years and also almost daily goer in Muay Thai Gym for nearly 10 years, he attends Muay Thai, boxing, BJJ, MMA and Boot Camp with many prominent trainers  and MMA fighters.

Combining these essential background, I create unique system to combine the essence of Tai Chi and Fitness. 

We provide Contents, Online System and Live Teaching Online
Edeo (Educational Video Online Courses) is the pioneering online courses provider. We systematically design LEGOO Mandarin, including PPT, PDF and Videos materials, covering from Kindergarten, YCT (Youth Chinese Test), HSK (Chinese Proficiency Test), IGCSE Chinese, A1, A2 Chinese, IB Chinese, SAT Chinese, AP Chinese, IB Chinese, etc. This is our past 25 years painstaking efforts based on our firsthand experience to teach foreigners.

In addition to be a Contents Provider, we also provide Online Systems, which can be easily integrated with your school or company online system or use separately. We are using Udemy and other 10 similar platforms for video courses marketing. The Amazon KDP, Google Books and Apple iBooks are platforms we publishing our textbooks in addition to our own platform. We provide consultancy service to save your time and give you the best tips on how to leverage your efforts using all these amazing platforms. Please contact us for quotations (very reasonable price).

Licencing Program to schools & Resellers

We offer Licencing Program to schools! More schools are using our system. You can use quiz, video course, PPT and PDF under our Licencing Program. Customized course development with your own LOGO can be done. Please contact us for details and quotations (very reasonable price).

Licencing Program to Resellers
We offer Licencing Program to Resellers, book stores and other Platforms (Websites, Google stores, Groupons, Facebook stores). We provide contents such PDF books, online Quiz and Video Courses. You can list our contents in your platform. We will share on 50-50 sales basis. We can provide technical assistance to integrate our contents with your system and help response within 24 hours.

Please see my profile to choose the way you prefer to contact us.

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