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Selenium Made Easy for Beginners (Learn in 30 days)
Includes Framework Development and In-detailed, Practical and Solution Oriented Videos along with Notes for each topic

    • About this Course - Preview Video
      1 Lectures
    • Introduction
      4 Lectures
    • Java for Selenium
      18 Lectures
    • Selenium WebDriver
      16 Lectures
    • Framework Concepts
      26 Lectures
    • Developing a Framework and Automating Live Project
      5 Lectures
    • Git, GitHub and SauceLabs
      2 Lectures
  • Description

    If you are a beginner, who want to learn Selenium from scratch without having any Programming knowledge, then this course is for you.

    If you can complete a video a day, you will be able to complete this course in 30 days.

    All the pre-requisites like Core Java, Locators etc. are covered in this video course, so you don't have to learn them separately.

    Even Core Java that is required for learning Selenium is covered in detail and easy way.

    All the topics are explained in a beginner friendly and easiest way.

    In 30 days, this optimised and well organised course will make you an expert in Selenium and will boost your confidence like anything.

    We have also provided the notes, so that you don't have to go through the videos again and again. Go through the videos once and later use the notes to recollect and prepare fast when needed and for interviews.

    The below are the topics covered in this course:

    1. Introduction

    2. Locators

    3. XPath Expressions Cheat-sheet

    4. CSS Selectors Cheat-sheet

    5. Core Java for Selenium in detail

    6. WebDriver Commands in detail

    7. Selenium and different browsers

    8. Handling Alerts

    9. Handling Windows

    10. Waiting Mechanism

    11. Handling Frames

    12. Handling Lightbox

    13. Actions Class

    14. Keys Class

    15. Taking Screenshots

    16. Auto Suggestive Drop-downs

    17. Handling Tables

    18. Handling Calendar

    19. Maven

    20. WebDriverManager

    21. End to End Scenario automation

    22. Debugging Scripts

    23. TestNG

    24. Selenium Grid

    25. Properties

    26. SelectorsHub

    27. Maven Commands

    28. Jenkins

    29. Extent Reports

    30. POI API

    31. Log4j

    32. Accessing Test Data from Database

    33. Page Object Model and Page Factory

    34. Cucumber and BDD,

    35. Developing a framework

    36. Git

    37. GitHub

    38. SauceLabs.

    What Will I Get ?

    • Selenium
    • Core Java for Selenium
    • Selenium Framework Development


    • No pre-requisites required
Selenium Made Easy for Beginners (Learn in 30 days)
This Course Includes :

05:49:54 Duration

72 Lectures

Lifetime Access

30-Days Money Back Guarantee

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