Researching Chemistry - Quantitative Analytical Chemistry

Mastering the Common Laboratory Techniques

Course Description

In this course you will learn both the processes involved and the common calculations for the major laboratory techniques required for quantitative analytical chemistry. By the end of this course, you will become familiar with the following:

  • How to make a standard solution using a primary standard. 
  • How to standardise a solution. 
  • How to carry out volumetric titrations and deal with dilution factors. 
  • Why and how to perform a back titration. 
  • Use colorimetry technique. 
  • Perform a complexometric titration. 
  • Use two types of Gravimetric Analysis. 

These techniques are used in a very wide range of applications and help us to answer questions on how much material is present in a sample. These techniques enable successful industries to comply with national and global regulations. 

This course will help to prepare you for further education in the chemical-related sciences at college or university and will help to prepare you for employment in chemical-related industries such as: 

  • Pharmaceutical Development and Manufacture. 
  • Environmental Monitoring. 
  • Food and Nutrition and Health-Related Industries. 
  • Manufacturing Industries. 
  • Veterinary/Agriculture. 
  • Mathematical/Engineering. 

This is short course is based on 7 tutorial videos and worksheets where answers and solutions are provided to help you to navigate your way and build your confidence. 


  • Learn the theory of the laboratory techniques used in modern quantitative analytical chemistry.
  • Prepare for University Level Chemistry.
  • Learn the calculation skills required to process analytical chemistry data to quantify a substance.
  • Develop your ability to think analytically, creatively, and independently to make reasoned evaluations.
  • Prepare for employment in a chemical analysis setting, for example, food nutrition, medicine and the environment.


  • Candidates should have a good understanding of High School level Chemistry as the course is intended to bridge the gap between school and further education/work.
  • Good numeracy skills are required as well as the ability to make sense of laboratory methodology.
  • This course will suit candidates interested in a career in the Chemical Sciences, Environmental Chemistry, Medicine or Chemical Engineering.
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  • Making A Standard Solution And Primary Standards
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Researching Chemistry - Quantitative Analytical Chemistry
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