Redis - String Msetnx Command


Redis MSETNX command is used to set multiple values to multiple keys, only if none of them already exist. If any one from the current operation exists in Redis, then MSETNX does not perform any operation.

Return Value

Integer reply 1 or 0

  • 1, if all the keys are set in Redis.
  • 0, if no keys are set in Redis.


Following is the basic syntax of Redis MSETNX command.

redis> MSETNX key1 value1 key2 value2 .. keyN valueN 


redis> MSETNX key1 "Hello" key2 "world" 
(integer) 1 
redis> MSETNX key2 "worlds" key3 "third key" 
(integer) 0 
redis> MGET key1 key2 key3 
1) "Hello" 
2) "world" 
3) (nil)